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These freaking awesome tents get solar power, can harvest water and fold up

Ian CrosslandMar 27, 2015, 4:44:19 PM

This weather proof fabric is attached to strong bendable, compressed plastic which can open to create vent holes and exits and seal to keep warm.  It's a very strong, sturdy structure that can fold up, collect rainwater and charge a battery with solar farbric.

It was developed by Abeer Seikaly, with the Weaving a Home project and was intended for refugees.  It has popular appeal as well.

The preformed tube members are woven into cloth and can be bent



I highly suggest visiting their website to peruse the technical schematics.


And you can shower in it


Image Credit: http://www.abeerseikaly.com/weavinghome.php

Banner Credit: http://inhabitat.com/weatherproof-woven-refugee-tents-get-their-power-from-the-sun/