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You can plant flowers with a shotgun

Ian CrosslandJan 31, 2015, 2:48:35 AM

As if video of the guy "planting" the seeds isn't awesome enough, Per Cromwell has developed a way to plant seeds with a shotgun.  Called, "Flower Shell," his shotgun shells are filled with seeds, ranging through a multitude of choices for the buyer, including columbine, cornflower, daisy, poppy, sunflower, clematis, lavender, sweet pea, lupine, carnation, peony and various meadow flowers.

"I like gardens more than gardening. I also like guns more than killing." Cromwell said, referring to it as a "more fun way to garden."

Seeing it in action is satisfying.



Cromwell has already populated a field with only Flower Shells.  He notes that there is a randomness to the seeding when planted with a shotgun.

Another project by Cromwell's company, Studio Total, that is worth checking out is the rocking chair that charges your iPhone.



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