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Exposing the Lies: Child Pornography

Reverend Holliday/J.S. WebsterMar 15, 2022, 1:12:22 PM

A Note to Readers

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(This entire blog is written as a means to inform and educate Minds users to the dangers of all forms of child pornography, and to show that these types of images are detrimental to children and create victims. I do not expect that those promoting child pornography on Minds will read this objectively, but it is not written for that criminal collective. I compiled this data to inform the Free Speech advocates that are unaware or have been deceived by pedophiles, child abusers, and sexual predators on Minds that claim that "Child Porn is a victimless crime". This is a researched paper in APA format. This will be one of several. References are provided.)

Strange Bedfellows

Crusader Knight

Despite our political or ideological differences, religious beliefs, or worldview perspectives I am happy to call many of you my allies in this fight. There is a spiritual and physical war being waged against this place we call Minds.com. A war waged by the sexually depraved that prey upon the flesh and souls of children. This war is still being fought as the perpetrators and infiltrators are legion and they are actively warring against humanity. They have zero empathy and care nothing about the damage caused by their deeply disturbing sexual deviancy. 

I wanted to extend a 'thank you' to Minds.com Admin (@Ottman, @Jack, @John) for being stalwart fighters against illegal content and sexual predators. Minds has not been absent of drama and this last year it came under assault by a different type of darkness - a darkness that has attempted to pollute and destroy our platform.Thank you, Admin - please keep fighting this evil and protect Minds from these vile child predators. 

My opinion: I believe there are two reasons why this group of child porn offenders are promoting 'Loli' (Child pornography) on Minds: a) They desire the end of free speech. Many of these predators will tell you that if Minds does not support child porn, then Minds should not exist. b) They are also recruiting pedophiles and promoters of child porn. They are creating sympathy for their movement and a criminal sanctuary to promote child porn. 

What we witnessed last year (January-April 2021) during the influx of pedophiles and child pornographers was a corporate reaction to evil. Minds users and administrators rose up and fought. We saw skirmishes and clashes, but it was not as effective as we had hoped. It was a momentary reprieve from evil, but clearly it had no permanent effect. We are more organized now and this crusade continues.

We have helped to purge many dangerous predators, but some changed their names and hid. Some of these predators deleted their previous accounts and returned to Minds with new accounts. They have created 'hit lists' to harass those that oppose them, but those lists are based on a mountain of lies. Many of these sexual predators are still amongst us and this movement requires more than just a blitzkrieg of reporting and counter-arguments. Education should be one of the keys to countering these criminals and their filth. That is the purpose of this blog.

A Researched Response

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I am not an authority nor do I claim to be an expert, but I earned a Master’s in Psychology and I have the resources to back up my claims. I did not earn my masters in psychology by reading a couple psychology books, but through persistent studying, thorough examinations, and by reading and writing thousands of pages for research. I graduated just shy of the 'top', from a prestigious and known university. I do not claim to be an expert, but I am qualified to assess, research, and deliver an evidence-based response to this query.

I will not even touch on the moral or spiritual implications of child pornography because these thoughts are often portrayed as subjective. I will state the observable scientific facts concerning this topic and cite the studies that back up these facts. Child porn is not a victimless crime (McKibbin, Humphreys, & Hamilton, 2017). 

The biggest disappointment I had this year on Minds.com was discovering that I was flagged as a "Censor of legal content" and placed on a "Target List" by a known child porn promoter (LegionofReason). I did not realize I was on a 'hit list' and that angered me. However, I chose an intellectual response against the hypocrite that created the list. He flagged channels on a 'hit list' over his false accusations of censoring legal content, but he promotes illegal pornography on Minds.

In my defense: I have blocked people on occasion and I do report illegal content, but I am not a censor as described by that notorious 'list'. I stand in total opposition of child pornography in all its forms, so I seek to ban all child porn and the child pornographers that promote it. That is my true stance - I am biased but my bias is based on science and psychology. I am a 'censor' of child porn in all its forms because it destroys children. 

Pornography should be labeled as NSFW (at the discretion of the channel operator) because even legal porn has a negative effect on the psyche of sex abuse victims and is harmful to children. Child pornography has no place on Minds or any other social media site because there are always victims involved. Those that post child porn should be banned permanently. 

The predators that have labeled me a censor have refused to even consider listening to the opposing views, implications, or facts about this crime against children. They will shut down and refuse to consider the truth. What is the truth about child porn? It is not victimless.

I hope to shed some light on this darkness today and through this thoroughly researched educational blog. I will show evidence that Child Pornography in its many forms is not a victimless crime, and that those that promote child pornography are more likely to commit actions of sexual abuse against children. Child porn creates victims.

Ruling out that exposure creates victims is one of the biggest lies of child sex abusers. They will claim that “no child was harmed”, but they say this because they are attempting to deceive and cover up the facts. People that are not pedophiles, but defend this stance are also ignorant to the trauma caused by exposing children to illegal porn. Exposure to child pornography creates victims and inflicts deeper trauma to current victims (McKibbin, Humphreys, & Hamilton, 2017). 

There are people that believe all speech, no matter how horrid or abusive qualifies as ‘protected free speech’. Child abuse and child pornography (images portraying children and babies in abusive or sexual ways) are promoted by these individuals as “free speech” or protected speech. That is their argument, but the Supreme Court has already ruled against this argument. Child porn is not protected under the first amendment. Loli IS child pornography according to the definition of child porn and the laws created to protect children. 

Actually, this has been their argument for over a year now on Minds. These same provocateurs will not only die on this hill, but argue that their proclivities towards child sex fantasies and child pornography is a victimless action and not a crime. This is not only a lie, but it can be easily refuted by the studies conducted about child sex offenders and child pornography offenders. There are hundreds of studies and books written on this subject and hundreds more could be written.

Many child porn offenders will commit to future crimes. According to one study by Seto & Eke (2015), "For the full sample of 286 offenders, over a third (39%) had a new offense during the follow-up, with 4% committing a subsequent contact sex offense against a child, 12% a new child pornography offense, and 16% any new sexual offense (contact or non-contact). Overall, 8% committed a violent re-offense, which included contact sexual offenses" (p. 422). This was just one study of many. Child pornography is at the root of repeat offenses and escalations. 

This makes sense about the recurring 'child porn' issue on Minds. Child sex offenders are committed to re-offending and recruiting like-minded deviants to re-offend. This is a movement by a criminal collective, leading others into illegal participation. This will only escalate and it must be countered. 

The lolicon images are child porn. They are considered illegal because they depict illicit images of children in sexual activities. According to federal and state laws, lolicon is child porn and illegal in America (and several other countries). Loli is a crime against children because these images display children in sexually explicit scenes, are more than often modeled after real children, and are used to entice and lure children into sexual encounters with pedophiles (Houtepen, Sijtsema, & Bogaerts, 2014).

From a Psychological standpoint - I would purge all manners of child pornography completely from society. Why? Child sexploitation and abuse are one of the most prolific and destructive forces in any society. 

People like Jeffrey Epstein are a direct consequence of child porn as they became billionaire facilitators for abusers. Without customers there would be no market for child trafficking, yet the industry for sex trafficking children is a vast empire and a multi-billion-dollar industry. Child sex trafficking and child abuse are a direct result from child pornography. According to the NCVC (National Center for Victims of Crime, 2022), "Child sexual abuse is not solely restricted to physical contact; such abuse could include noncontact abuse, such as exposure, voyeurism, and child pornography."

Child porn is NOT a victimless crime. There is a direct connection between offenders that commit sexual acts against children and their repeated use of child pornography (Long, Alison, McManus, 2012). Many offenders that fantasize and view images of child porn also commit sexual acts against children proving that child porn is not victimless. 

Dual offenders are also more common than you might have previously considered. A dual offender is a child sex predator (child molester) that physically abuses children, and that also possesses and views images of child pornography. Dual offenders will have libraries of child pornography and commit similar or worse actions against children (Long, Alison, McManus, 2012). A significant percentage of child pornographers will also cross over and commit to actions of sexual violence on pre-pubescent children becoming dual offenders (Burke & Hernandez, 2009). 

One of the arguments proposed by child pornographers and loli-con promoters is that most types of loli and some types of child porn are legal in Japan. I have provided ample proof that there is a direct correlation between child sexual abuse and child pornography. In Japan the rates of child sexual abuse, that include incest, are higher internationally than in any other country (Tanaka, et all, 2017). Females are often the victims of this abuse and the majority of this abuse occurs on prepubescent children. This evidence is directly related to an exposure to child pornography and Japan's legal stance concerning loli porn. 

Cognitive distortions are also common among child pornographers. Like the whole argument that 'child pornography is a victimless crime' that is often perpetuated by these predators. Houtepen, Sijtsema, & Bogaerts (2014) wrote, "Cognitions included statements as: 'Sometimes children don't say no to sexual activity with an adult because they are curious about sex or enjoy it'"(p.468). Interesting that this is a statement that is often used by child porn propagators when they are attempting to justify their deviant behavior. These distortions are also often accepted by child molesters (Houtepen, Sijtsema, & Bogaerts, 2014).

Psychopathy may or may not influence an offender, but a lack of intelligence often determines recidivism. A very high percentage or child pornographers that are repeat offenders have an extremely low IQ (Beggs & Grace, 2008). They may or may not qualify as psychopaths, but considering their cognitive distortions I am not surprised that these repeat offenders lack the intellect to deny their deviant impulses. 



There is an illegal element that infiltrated the Minds Community in 2021. This criminal element is operated and controlled by sexual predators that are acting in opposition to the Minds TOS, but also in constant war against the general public, patrons of Minds, and all children. They are intent on posting and promoting child pornography, and they use terms like 'free speech' and 'victimless crime' to justify this deviancy. These cognitive distortions are formulated by a low IQ collective that is bent on destroying Minds, recruiting deviants, and creating sympathy towards their criminality. 

According to the experts there is direct correlation between child pornography and child sexual abuse. These facts disprove the statements that 'child porn is victimless'. Loli is child porn and child porn is NOT a victimless crime. These miscreants must be purged from Minds.

Do not be deceived by their lists or falsehoods. These are child sexual predators bent on victimizing children in any form that their perversions lead. I will forever stand against these victimizers and abusers. I hope you will join me on this crusade - report child pornography and those that promote it. 

Regulators! Mount up! 


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