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Commissions open: More than just digital art [Blog]

TwoelizJan 1, 2022, 9:12:49 PM


Hello and thank you for stopping by. If you are looking to buy art of mostly any kind you are in the right place. I'm capable of doing Digital art, acrylic paintings, crochet, clay figurines, pyrography, animations and other things such as keychains but I may not always have the materials for it so please ask about it. 

Here are some work that others have commissioned from me in the past: 



For Digital Art: I am capable of drawing almost anything as long as I have a good reference or description of what you need. A lot of artists may charge for the amount of characters but I charge for the type of shading. For example if you want shading that is more simple than my usual it would be a bit cheaper.

if this isn't affordable enough, you can always choose to pay me per hour instead. If you only want me to work for an hour then I will. The drawing might look a bit more messy but it might look good enough for you. Here are some examples of drawings that took an hour to draw.

For Acrylic paintings: I do charge higher hourly rates than digitalart due to the cost of materials, this being $15 an hour. This one is one of my paintings that took the longes. About 20 hours of work fir a 18 by 24 canvas. Keep in mind that I usually work faster than this. if you want something more affordable I can always offer smaller canvases that won't take so long.

For chrochet: I am not an expert so I don't know many different types of stitching but I do have creative ways of getting things done. I'm capable of making clothing, plushies and other things such as backpacks. Now I understand that crochet can get very expensive and since I'm trying to keep things affordable I will only charge  $8 an hour but I will charge you for the material cost up front.

backpack v

clothing  v

For  figurines: They are small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, they can be different size so I can't give an exact number about how big they are. Since their clay is hand made, when ever I make it I must use it all, otherwise it will harden and be unusable. Because of this I believe that the first figurines you order will be $10 no matter how small. After that each one more you want will be $5 or $3 depending how complex they are. if for what ever reason you need me to make a bigger figure I will give it my best shoot but since I don't have a lot of experience with that the figurine might be more than $20. 

For pyrography: Oddly enough this one is similar to digitalart. I can make them rather quickly and their material cost is nothing too crazy so I have them priced at $12 an hour. If I had to take a guess, I would say their average time ranges between 4 hours and 6.

For animations: These also take a very long time so I'm thinking $8 an hour but I'm willing to negotiate. My average is 30 seconds every 3 days if you are wanting an animated short. If you are wanting a gif my educated guess is that it might take around 3 hours and a half to 5 or 6. 

here you can see some of my animations: https://www.minds.com/discovery/search?q=%23twoelizanimations&f=latest&t=all