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The questionable glory of the mRNA technology

Swiss LibertarianNov 18, 2021, 3:44:09 AM

Dr. Katalin Kariko is one of the scientists the media hype as one of the main contributors to the mRNA technology. Here are 2 sample articles:

'To be a scientist is a joy': How a Hungarian biochemist helped revolutionize mRNA



'Redemption': How a scientist's unwavering belief in mRNA gave the world a Covid-19 vaccine


Her work follows in the footsteps of the pioneering work by Dr.Robert Malone when he worked for the Salk institute.

Further research at this very same Salk Institute discovered that the virus spike protein is actually responsible for most of the damage caused by Sars-Cov-2:

The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness


Given that the mRNA products that are currently distributed as "vaccine" against Sars-Cov-2 create those harmful spikes, one starts understanding why the "vaccines" cause so much harm. Dr.Malone realized that and spoke out against it.

Because of Dr.Malone's intellectual honesty, he was literally memory-holed on Wikipedia and other sites:


The CTV article just says: "The work of other scientists in the field and related fields allowed Kariko and a close collaborator, Dr. Drew Weissman, to take their mRNA technology beyond the petri dish and make it start to work in living models."

Quora post attacks Dr.Malone

Some guy from Tulane University who has a PhD in biomedical science (based on his profile), William Gunn, answered a Quora question about the origin of the mRNA technology and his replies are very revealing of the real reason Dr.Malone is no longer credited for his research:


This guy is either a brainwashed leftist or he's a pawn for Big Pharma. The way he belittles Dr.Malone's achievements is revolting. His justification for why Dr.Malone's credits were removed is very revealing: he claims that Dr. Malone was "parading around all the right wing talk shows".

So this guy, William Gunn, sees "right wing" (presumably as opposed to left-wing, socialist, collectivist) as a bad thing, but like all leftists, he doesn't have the slightest concept about what might be "right wing". Dr.Bret Weinstein, the first to interview Dr.Malone, is a Jewish professor of biology who had been a Democrat, idologically clearly on the left, for his entire life until he was fired for not submitting to a woke mob. But that's irrelevant to William Gunn. All he needs to know is that Weinstein is no longer submitting to the Democrat party program and that makes him an enemy.

Is mRNA technology ready for use?

There's a huge step between toying around with genetic concepts, experimenting on plants and animals vs injecting mRNA substances into human beings, interfering with the operation of their cells.

That might be an option in the far away future when this kind of technology is fully understood, with all the possible implications. But we are very far from that point.

Except that Dr.Kariko doesn't see it that way - unlike Dr.Malone, who has shown the kind of concern for people treated with his product one would expect of a doctor, she only wishes to push these gene therapies onto people. And she finds it annoying that there should be any push-back:

“But getting in the spotlight, I also realized that we as scientists did not talk to the public,” she said. “We like to talk to each other because we understand each other easy and we use terms that the average person would not understand.”

She can forget about "average people" - the ones who most question the products she pushes are the highly educated. Those with a scientific education. Or Dr.Malone. Why doesn't she start by answering the questions he raised? He speaks exactly the same language!

"She pointed out that unlike scientists, they do not have to worry about communicating accurately and truthfully.

She should stop patting herself on the back - we have massive evidence for the fact that scientists often twist the facts or blatantly lie. They lie about their own research and contradict the information in the papers they publish. Or - worse - they publish entirely fraudulent studies. There's a reason for the scientific method - the requirment for all the findings and experiments to be supported by evidence and to be reproducible is what allows an objective analysis of the conclusions of a study.

Fauci is a scientist. He is a bigger liar than most politicians. Almost nothing he said since the beginning of the Covid pandemic has any truth value, which is made glaringly obvious by his constant flip-flopping.

“I watched those anti vaxxers"

The very use of the term "anti vaxxer" is a profoundly dishonest and violates every principle of how a scientist should approach differences in opinion about scientific issues. She cannot dismiss people who oppose her views by calling them essentially cranks and nutters. The people she calls "anti vaxxers" are often far more highly qualified scientists than herself. Virologists, epidemiologists, vaccine experts and geneticists of international stature. They oppose either the mRNA vaccines based on rational, well founded criteria or they oppose the idea of mass vaccination during a pandemic etc.

Just as a reminder: The Lancet published 2 studies in 2020 which attached Hydroxychloroquine as "dangerous". Both had to be withdrawn for being completeley fraudulent:

Two Huge Covid-19 Studies Are Retracted After Scientists Sound Alarms

[…] they are so calm and they are so confident"

I don't see why people opposing her should be nervous and uncertain. If they were not confident, I'm sure it would be called out by their opponents as "weakness".

and they are saying [such] stupid things with [such] conviction,”

There are innumerable experts who oppose her views who say well founded things based on scientific studies. Her broad dismissal of all her opponents based on a fallacious argument just invalidates her own statements.

she said. “And what they say is so trivial.

How are the statements by someone such as Dr.Bossche - a top notch vaccination expert, previously employed by GAVI - "trivial"? He said that vaccinating during an epidemic would cause the emergence of variants. He was right:

The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 variant A.30 is heavily mutated and evades vaccine-induced antibodies with high efficiency

She pointed out that big voices in the anti-vaccine world are often motivated by money.

Stemming from someone who works for pharma companies that make tens of billions from mRNA vaccines and which use their gigantic resources to corrupt the worldwide political and scientific establishment, this brazenly arrogant.

“People always want to make money on other people who believe things

She's a spokesperson for Big Pharma. Her employer is BioNTech and I'm pretty sure that she has a pretty number of BioNTech shares or options. Sure, she's totally disinterested 🤣

and listen, that's what happened here, in the United States, those doctors who are saying that, do not take the vaccine, they offer you something they sell.

So basically she's saying that doctors who offer working, effective treatments that do not expose their patients to the substantial risks of mRNA "vaccines" are just motivated by greed 🤔

“And so that's horrible because there are innocent people [who] listen, and then they pay the price. So I learned that as a scientist, we have to educate the public.”

Her condescending, hypocrite and outright dishonest statements are probably a good reason for why people stop listening to her.

Dr. Malone sounds infinitely much more convincing and intellectually honest.