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Its the final countdown!!!

MaddjakallssNov 11, 2021, 11:08:03 PM

We are so excited to be returning to our beautiful piece of land, nestled in the heart of the midlands of Portugal. Its time for us to get back and start putting in the infrastructure of our beautiful foreverland homestead. 

We have found ourselves an affordable sturdy Luton box van, with tail lift. It has had a good clean and a full service. We are boxing, packing and stacking everything up and turning our attention and intention to the final tools and resources we require for this next stage of our adventure.

We will be setting foreverland up on the flow of exchange. Whether that’s the insight and information the land provides to us, as we put in permaculture systems that create efficiency and abundance across our lives, or the exchange of energy, time and effort from our manual labour and the contribution of others. As others have done before us, we will use the method of ‘work away’ and time banking to swap skills for meals and shelter.

At the moment we are doing all the research we can to protect ourselves from the risks of the travel back to our piece of natural habitat land and considering our application for joint residency, which with the current political situation seems a nightmare. We may just give all that a miss and enjoy being illegal immigrants!! However this is not a term we relate to AT ALL. As how can you be an illegal immigrant on your own plane of existence? We are beings of Earth. Period. We don’t have a country specific patriotism. We love the entire world. And all its culture kindness and colourful beings. 

So we will allow the universal flow to show us the way. For a couple who want to live off grid and be self-sustainable, we sure do seem to have to jump through many hoops in advance to secure our safety. We have to consider how to travel as our authentic sovereign beings and without attracting any negative confrontations. 

We are also passing away hours looking for gumtree and freecycle bargains for the tools and equipment we need to help us get stuck straight into building workshops and groundworks infrastructure. Thank fully we have been undertaking a Permaculture course through the duration of this year (as if we don’t have enough to do!) But honestly…the insight and the knowledge has been invaluable. Part of the excitement to go back, is to complete our Final Design Exercise so we both qualify. It’s a tight push with the portfolio having to be complete by the 31st December! Yet we are both engaged and determined to make it work.

We are surrounded by brain storms, clip boards, lists and notebooks. We are happy, busy, bustling, running long hours and feeling the thrill of anticipation as we consider all things from growing tomatoes to building walls, from structuring water to considering temporary living and storage structures. Acquiring second hand everything and loving the sense of life changing action getting closer and closer.

It feels like we are manifesting from our dream lifelong adventure, of previous small steps towards its achievement to now, one final leap of faith to its full accomplishment. 

Anyone wishing to donate, are welcome to get in touch! Here we go!!!!!!