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BLOG: A Compilation of Some Deep Thoughts

MaggieFreetobemeSep 20, 2021, 5:33:14 AM

I cannot believe it has been more than a year since I posted in Minds!                          It feels right to me that I create a blog as my first post in 2021. I want to include several items my dear friend and brother, @teklordz has either written (several he posted on Minds ) or said. We met over 6 years ago on, of all places, Facebook!      We were members of the same group and I liked his comments.... I followed him to join Minds. Here are several of his quotes that have been helpful to me:

Live life simply and enjoy what you have. Try to realize what your real needs are and let go of desires. It will make your life a lot simpler.

There is no such thing as coincidence, there's only programmed synchronicity.

"We can never see past the choices that we don’t understand" ~The Oracle "Choice is an illusion" ~tek

Life is already programmed in advance. Once you realize that, the only thing left to do is to hack the program. If there was no program, the word destiny would not exist. ( If you know @teklordz, you know he is a computer guru. Interestingly, he has learned that life is a program that can be hacked...)

The greatest battles are waged within the mind. Discover its secrets and you are free.

To win the war in your mind, you must live in the Now,.

The Past and Future are irrelevant. 

 (My thought here) When I reflect on the past or future I  can spiral  down if I do not stop it right away... An addiction to memory is real ! 

"Why should i pay for anything on a planet where i was born?" One day, when humans have enough intelligence, when humans will not feel the desire to dominate and control, currencies will not be required anymore.

Doubt maintains fear. Certainty removes it.

Addiction to memory is the reason why history repeats itself.

"Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves" ~Henry David Thoreau

When consciousness grows, loneliness grows.

Antimatter is the spirit state of energy and does not obey to the laws of gravity.

If you live in the moment, there is no fear.

You see, many confuse the words desires and needs. Desires are the reason why we accumulate more and more. If we only give importance to our real "needs", life becomes so much easier. 

My father once told me: "Son, there's no ATM on the other side." Probably the most powerful statement I've ever heard in my entire life. 

The most difficult task you will have is to "not believe", for beliefs are connected to the past, to the memory of the human race and to the memory of your own experiential memory.If you learn to let go of that memory, knowing will manifest. Knowing is cosmic memory, it is full connection with Source. The ego is addicted to memory. 

Well, that is a lot of heavy , deep topics. I am ending with a postive prediction of @teklordz"s : The light is winning the battle against the dark. It's only a matter of time before planet Earth is liberated completely.

I am passing forward what I see as nuggets of wisdom.   Jewels of information.    My wish is that someone or other will be touched , enlightened or benefited in some way.by these words I have written that were spoken by @teklordz. 

We are One. We are all connected. 

In Light,