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The strange desire to get everyone vaccinated

Swiss LibertarianAug 11, 2021, 4:07:07 AM

Since 2019, humanity is facing the infamous Wuhan virus, Sars-CoV-2, a coronavirus which was clearly created in the Chinese Wuhan laboratory where it scientists performed gain-of-function research, in other words: they created a biological weapon by making it particularly well adapted to attacking human beings.

The Wuhan laboratory was created with help from France. Since at least 2015, it is entirely under the control of the Chinese military.

Despite the fact that China is one of the 3 biggest military powers on the planet and the major rival for the US, the Obama administration cooperated with them and participated financially and scientifically with this laboratory to circumvent a US ban on gain-of-function research. On Obama's orders, Dr.Fauci transferred large amounts of money, research documents and virus samples to this laboratory. The actual economic support was apparently much larger than the official $3.5 million.

In 2017, Dr.Fauci announced publicly that there will be a "surprise outbreak" before the end of president Trump's first turn in office. He said "there will be", not "there may be", a very important nuance. Clearly, it was never a surprise to him...

On October 18, 2019, in New York, NY, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise, according to their own description:


Not even 2 weeks later, several Wuhan laboratory employees were hospitalized after having contracted one of the viruses they had been working on.

The laboratory also completely replaced their ventilation system, based on official government documents, but later on completely scraped from any publicly accessible server.

There are 2 possible interpretations:

  1. the virus was accidentally released and the CCP tried to cover up the accident
  2. the virus was intentionally released, but they made it look like an accidental release for plausible deniability

Option 2 seems far more likely - it is highly unlikely that the CCP's experts would accidentally have allowed compromising documents to get out.

Virus propaganda

I'll provide the complete timeline of events in another article. For now just a brief, relevant summary: after initially lying about the virus, China finally informed WHO about an outbreak in Wuhan, then kept lying by claiming that it stemmed from a wet market, that it was not transmissible from human to human etc.

China suspended all internal flights into and out of Wuhan, but maintained all the international flights. When president Trump blocked all flights from China, WHO complained and demanded an end to those "disproportionate" restrictions. The Democrats and their media called president Trump "racist". After China had spread the virus far and wide - clearly intentionally - WHO declared a pandemic and demanded that all countries lock down their population.

Here is a partial timeline for that early period:


Clearly, there always massive collusion between the CCP and the WHO.

It is interesting to observe that the left initially downplayed the risks and ridiculed any caution expressed by conservatives and libertarians, but as soon as WHO officially declared a "pandemic", the left changed their strategy radically, now denouncing anyone who did not conced that there was a horrible pandemic that required extreme measures as "grandmother killers". This 180 degree switch is perfectly illustrated by these German articles by the exact same person in the same publication:

Why this difference? Should be obvious: conservatives and libertarians are data-driven. They look at all the information published by official sources and draw their own conclusions - rationally, unemotionally and especially independent of media propaganda.

Leftists, on the other hand, get their "information"  from mainstream media and highly infiltrated and controlled social media. Their sources are all controlled, the journalists are not data driven and they don't do any research, they are given instructions. That's all too obvious when one sees the extreme uniformity of the "opinions" reproduced in leftist media.

The vaccine development

What I'd like to focus on, for now, is the vaccine and it's development. mRNA vaccines had been invented by the SALK institute, with major contributions by Dr.Robert Malone. He is clearly the spiritual father of this technology:


The term "vaccine" is inappropriate, as their mode of operation is unlike any traditional vaccine. Normally, vaccines contain deactivated or weakened pathogens (viruses or bacteria), which are presented to the immune system, so it can create antibodies. Should the real pathogen show up, the immune system will be ready with appropriate counter-measures and will quickly eliminate it.

mRNA products introduce mRNA sequences into human cells. This mRNA code will stimulate the production of proteins that resemble some element of a known pathogen. In the case of the Sars-CoV-2 "vaccines", a coronavirus spike protein is produced. This will then be recognized by the immune system, which will produce anti-bodies and thus be ready, should the real covid-19 virus show up:

While the goal of mRNA products is the same as for traditional vaccines, the operation and the associated risks are completely different. Humanity is dealing with real UFOs, as these mRNA "vaccines" are unlike any other medication ever used for human beings. They were unleashed last year after a totally incomplete testing procedure. A process that usually takes years:

To put this "lightspeed" development into perspective, compare the development & testing time for these totally new mRNA "vaccines" to some major traditional vaccines, from the moment the pathogen was identified until the US authorities approved of the distribution of a vaccine:

What's even stranger is that Pfizer and Biontech started developing their mRNA anti-Sars-CoV-2 "vaccines" mid-January 2020, at a moment when officially no one expected a pandemic and just 4'000 cases were signaled to WHO, as reported in the Austrian newspaper Wochenblick:


Quoting the German newspaper „Die Welt“, they write that: "Der Impfstoff BNT162b2 war von Biontech im Projekt „Lightspeed“ (Lichtgeschwindigkeit) seit Mitte Januar entwickelt worden. Die für eine Zulassung entscheidende Phase-III-Studie begann ab Ende Juli in verschiedenen Ländern."

Unlike "Die Welt", the Wochenblick asks the relevant questions, starting with: Why would Pfizer and Biontech invest hundreds of millions - maybe billions - into a vaccine that did not seem to be necessary, at that point?

Effective treatments for Covid are available

There are at least 2 known medications that can prevent severe illness and death from coronaviruses, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin:

June 2020: "The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro"

31 randomized trials of Ivermectin showed enormous success rates. In one trial involving 6000 Covid patients, not one patient who had been treated with Ivermectin died.

After the Czech Republic approved the use of Ivermectin in March 2021, they saw a dramatic drop in Covid deaths:

Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 61 studies

Hydroxychloroquine was known to be an effective method to prevent serious coronavirus infections, as found by an NIH study from 2005:

Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

Fauci obviously knew this and anyone else could immediately look it up.

Early in the pandemic, in month of May 2020, an NYU study found that hydroxychloroquine was very efficient in decreasing the number of COVID deaths:


Here is a summary of international trials and studies that all confirm that HCQ is effective when administered early:
HCQ for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 274 studies

Fake "studies" published by the Lancet tried to smear hydroxychloroquine as "dangerous". They all had to be retracted, which then led the American medical association to withdraw their ban on its use:


Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day

This excellent article here examines the suppression of information about treatment methods of the Wuhan virus in greater detail:


The simple conclusion is that a vaccine was totally unnecessary ... but information related to treatments was actively suppressed in an absolutely criminal way! Those who suppressed this information should be prosecuted for mass murder - millions of lives could have been saved with available, cheap medication.

But are the vaccines at least safe and effective, given that they imposed a cost of tens of billions of dollars, worldwide?

Adverse Reactions

No coronavirus vaccine had ever been deployed, before 2020, not because such a vaccine would have been difficult to produce, but because all the tests of coronavirus vaccines led to very high numbers of adverse reactions and were considered as too dangerous.

So why suddenly the rush to develop vaccines against coronaviruses? Did they expect that the previously observed risk factors had been overcome?

The entire debate about these mRNA products, AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines focused way too much on "do they work?" and not "do they cause harm?"

The fact that the latter cause serious issues has been established quite a while ago. Blood clots and a very high rate of severe adverse reactions, including death, finally landed them on a "do not use" list in many countries.

The number of perfectly healthy, young adults dying suddenly after their vaccine shot is horrendous. Just a few illustrations:

39 year old healthy British woman "hospitalised in Nicosia general hospital for a thrombotic episode after receiving the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine has died":


37 year old teacher without existing health issues died in Italy 12 days after getting her AstraZeneca shot:


Except that the mRNA products are not any better!

A 39-year-old single mom in Utah with no underlying medical conditions died four days after receiving her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, according to a report:


Healthy Michigan boy, 13, dies in his sleep three days after receiving his second dose of Pfizer Covid vaccine as CDC launches investigation:


These are not isolated incidents - there are THOUSANDS of deaths reported in VAERS. And the "fact checkers" lie - they claim that "anyone can add anything they want in VAERS". Except that ALL deaths and severe adverse reactions that are reported are immediately investigated and confirmed. So those cases are real.

All of the above individuals had a risk of virtually zero of dying from COVID. They died of a vaccine that was useless, to them.

And before you say: "But those are just coincidences" - no, they are not. There's no precedent for healthy individuals in their age groups just passing away without cause.

Occam's razor says that what killed them were the vaccines. The worrying part is that in theory, the vaccines were supposed to be safe and should not have been able to cause such adverse reactions. Clearly, that was either an entirely false assumption or an intentional lie.

The official assumption (or claim) was that the vaccine would remain in the region of the injection, which has now been disproven. It circulates throughout the body and has been found to cause, among others, myocarditis in young, healthy men, which would not be possible if it did not spread throughout the body:


Other vaccine effects seem to be just as bad as the long-term effects attributed to the virus. In this video, a previously healthy 20-year-old reports on her health issues since she had her 2 anti-Covid mRNA shots:


After thousands of deaths, a single autopsy of a person who seemed to have died of a vaccine was finally ordered, when in fact every single suspected case should have led to an immediate autopsy. Here is a clinical pathologist explaining the findings of this autopsy and what the mRNA "vaccines" apparently do to the body:


This is consistent with research from the SALK institute, which originally developed the mRNA technology:


They found that the COVID virus protein spike is extremely damaging to the organism all on its own, even without the virus:

"scientists studying other coronaviruses have long suspected that the spike protein contributed to damaging vascular endothelial cells, but this is the first time the process has been documented."

So the mRNA products trigger the production of those harmful virus spike proteins in the human body... 🤔 That seems to explain a lot of the observations in the autopsy.

All of this would require an in-depth investigation and long-term studies long before using these mRNA products on a large scale, yet here we are: billions of people were injected with products that have unknown effects on our bodies.

Remember that the pretext is a virus with a death rate of less than 0.04% for the under 70:

I've never seen such a bad risk/reward ratio...


The massive censorship, the denial of the obvious lab origin of the virus, the worldwide efforts to make people really hate this pandemic with lockdowns and mask mandates all point towards a goal that has nothing to do with the virus itself.

Mask mandates and lockdowns were totally unjustified based on the low death rate of the virus. All they had to do was protect the elderly. They did the opposite - 4 US governors intentionally sent infected patients into nursing homes.

Mask mandates are useless. Not a single study ever found a measurable reduction in the spread of viruses by masks - and there are many such studies - and previously, all the professional articles confirmed that masks should only be used as source control (to be worn people people who are sick). Fauci confirmed that in his private email messages which have been released under a FOIA request.

Social distancing is not even enforceable and no attempt was made to enforce it on any politically convenient event. Obama partied with hundreds of guests, no masks, as did Rachida Tlaib, an openly antisemitic Democrat congress woman, and the mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser, also a Democrat who passed extremely restrictive COVID regulations for the capital city. Tucker Carlson denounced this hypocrisy in a brilliant segment you should absolutely listen to:

Remember that Democrat politicians demand that kids wear masks in schools, although all studies show that children have a very low risk of catching or transmitting the Wuhan virus. That makes these politicians hypocrites and shows that they don't believe in their own rules.

One study that showed that wearing masks for children was extremely bad for their health. His study was "withdrawn" entirely for political reasons - there was nothing wrong with it!


Despite the obvious harm and total absence of justification for masks, especially for children, the American academy of pediatrics recommends masking children of age 2 and up:

American Academy of Pediatrics urges universal masking in schools for everyone ages 2 and up — whether vaccinated or not 


Let that sink in: Democrat politicians are willing to harm children to push their political agenda.

All of this points to only one plausible conclusion: all the restrictions, lockdowns endless testing etc. are an attempt to make people accept anything just to get out of this massive deprivation of liberty and economic destruction, including potentially dangerous "vaccines".

And oh, surprise, they now push "vaccine passports" - along with a plan to totally overturn the world economy as outlined by Klaus Schwab in his book "Covid-19: the Great Reset" that miraculously appeared not even 4 months after the pandemic was declared. There's also a massive push to replace cash with electronic payments.

The absolutely baffling thing is to see how many people go along with the official narrative, although they have been exposed as liars again and again.