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Extreme weather events are part of normal climate variability

Swiss LibertarianAug 3, 2021, 1:37:56 PM

The climate alarmists went again into overdrive - although 100% of their predictions turned out to be wrong, they keep insisting that humanity is changing the climate in dangerous ways.

They use every natural disaster or extreme climate event as "proof" that we must "urgently fight climate change" - like vampires, they try to exploit other people's misery to push a political agenda, which has absolutely nothing to do with the climate.

Hence a little reminder about historical climate events that should leave no doubts about the fact that extreme climate events have absolutely no correlation with human activities.

First a summary of global annual deaths due to climate events since 1900 - both heat waves and flooding were extremely common during the entire 20th century and were particularly severe until the 1960s. Since 2000, most natural disaster deaths were due to earthquakes, which are not climate events at all:


When you look at this data, remember that the world population was much smaller when millions of people died of floodings and droughts, while during the entire decade of 2010-2019 fewer than 1 million people died of natural disasters.

Population size, life expectancy and quality of life all increased massively:

Most of the really powerful cyclones and hurricanes occurred before 1900:

Hurricane frequency actually diminshed from 1980 to 2019:

Contrary to climate alarmist claims, there is no correlation between tropical cyclone energy and CO2 levels:

The number of strong to violent tornadoes in the US decreased:

This study confirms that major storms are associated with cold periods and that storm activity is clearly driven by solar activity:

Storms and flood levels decreased over the last 200 years:

Wildfires massively declined:

This trend has been obvious over the entire 20th century and goes back even further:

Droughts declined from 1982 to 2012:

Annual heat waves in the US were horrendous during the 1930s, but are down to almost nothing, now:


The IPCC admitted in their 2013 AR4 report that there was no evidence of any CO2-related trend towards an increase in extreme weather events:


Propaganda lies and outright data fraud

Hansen, one of the worst climate alarmists, committed outright fraud when he presented the chart on the left, in the following image, to support his claim that US forest fires increased due to the increase in CO2 - he intentionally omitted the data from before 1960, which showed a dimetrically opposite trend. When you see this level of dishonesty, it become obvious that climate alarmists have no data to support their claims and instead just make up whatever seems convenient, counting on the average person's ignorance:

They did the same to create fear of arctic warming by cherry-picking data, when they did not outright alter the data, e.g. it's a lot harder to claim that Iceland is "warming rapidly" when you can see that it was much warmer than today in the 1930s:

NASA did much worse: they altered thousands of temperature records to cool the past and heat the present, to give an impression of continuous warming. Think I'm lying? Here are a few examples:

Here are the original links to the diagrams above:



More examples of data "adjustments" they had to take back:







Official past temperature curves were totally altered by NASA fraud to create what looks like a hockey stick:

The Australian BOM does the same thing:

Do CO2 & humanity have any influence?

The only long-term correlation between CO2 and global temperature over the last 540 million years is very weak and negative!

The cloud cover has a direct, measureable effect, unlike CO2:

Humanity might have influenced the global temperature by 0.01C:


Richard Muller, Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley; Founder and Scientific Director, Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST), formerly a strong supporter of the man-made climate change conjecture, admits in this interview that: "Looking at the data, I can see no evidence of human influence"

Would it even be possible for humanity to have any influence on the climate?

What factors influence the climate, fundamentally?

  • Geothermal activity - we are sitting on a very thin crust of rock, which floats on lava, which is continuously heated by radioactive activity in the earth's core. The planet is basically a gigantic nuclear power plant.
  • Solar power, which is also the source of most, though by far not all climate variations
  • Atmospheric density
  • Water in all of its forms on the surface and in the atmosphere as vapor and clouds
  • The chemical composition of the atmosphere is totally irrelevant

Humanity's influence on the climate is so ridiculously small as to be totally irrelevant. At most, more CO2 could slightly increase the atmospheric density, but CO2 does not store or "reflect" heat.

Climate Alarmism is entirely based on fraud

As we've seen, there is no evidence for human influence on the climate, much less of catastrophic climate change. The climate is always changing, no matter what.

So why is the claim about man-made climate change / global warming so widespread? Because it's political propaganda orchestrated by very powerful interests.

They openly admit that they commit fraud:

https://dr.ntu.edu.sg/bitstream/10220/25015/1/Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements.pdf 

This 2001 study already established that climate change "science" was post-normal science, i.e. political propaganda:


The IPCC is totlaly controlled by the petrol industry, a fact which will only surprise those who do not really understand the global economic forces:

The entire climate hoax in and of itself would be bad enough. The main problem is that this fake science totally corrupted scientific research in general:

A typical example:

Academia is quite the opposite of what people think and how they present themselves: members of academic institutions are not free thinkers who strive for knowledge, they are followers of an extremely restrictive group-think where dissent is not tolerated and only very few dare to speak truth to power, as we've seen during the Wuhan virus pandemic:

We can conclude that the cult of "global warming" or "man-made climate change" is pure pseudoscience:

Climate predictions are consistently wrong

All the alarmist predictions since the 1960s were wrong - not just wrong, but ridiculously wrong.

Just 5 years after the "catastrophic global cooling" papers that were still published in 1978, the EPA "warned" about catastrophic global warming with horrendous changes to come between 1990 and 2000. Remember that they did not have a single "model" or any kind of climate data to support their claims. All of these "predictions" were pulled out of thin air:

Dire predictions by the UN in 1989, again without a shred of supporting evidence and it all turned out to be complete nonsense. Note how the date for when disaster would strike had now been moved forward. It's always a 10 to 15 year "window" in which "something has to be done":

In 2007, they claimed that we only had 13 years to save the earth, faithfully persisting in pushing back the 10-15 year window:


In 2019, AOC said we had "13 years before the world would end".

"Millennials, and Gen z, and all these folks that come after us, are looking up and we're like 'the world will end in 12 years if we don't address climate change, and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?'"


But her own chief of staff admitted that it was not about the climate...

AOC’s Chief of Staff Admits the Green New Deal Is Not about Climate Change

And then AOC backtracked and pretended that her very serious statement (cf. video) should be seen as "dry humor and sarcasm" - oh, wait, it was "sarcasm" to say that "the world will end in 12 years"? 😂😂😂

"This is a technique of the GOP, to take dry humor + sarcasm literally and 'fact check' it," she said. "Like the 'world ending in 12 years' thing, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal. But the GOP is basically Dwight from The Office so who knows."

'Out of context': AOC backtracks on claim climate change will end world in 12 years

Scientific America published an article about how we should not fact-check politicians who promote the climate change agenda in support of AOC 🤔 So much for the "science" part in their name...it had become hopelessly partisan:


Sorry, but we are not going to give up on the principles of science - anyone who makes politically relevant claims about a scientific issue must be fact-checked and if it is found that the claim was false, this person must be denounced as a liar. Baseless fearmongering is never acceptable. Entire generations of children grew up in fear about the future, which gravely impacted their ability to live normal, happy lives. Most of them still cling to false beliefs. Millions decided not to have children based on the lies they were told about the climate, thus leading to a catastrophic demographic decline in western countries - a crime against humanity!


Any claims about humanity altering the global climate - through CO2 or any other method - is pure Lysenkoism. The people pushing the "Global Warming" agenda are all ideologically on the far left or pursue economic interests while using the ideological communists as propaganda tools. And their control over scientific institutions is very similar to that in the USSR.

The "partnership" the WEF signed with the UN should largely explain why they now push Marxism and why they promoted Greta as propaganda tool. They will gain enormous power and money by exploiting this climate alarmism:


The climate does what the climate does: it is chaotic, unpredictable and sometimes extremely violent. Nothing we do will change anything about the climate. Prof.Curry is one of the climate experts who admits this openly, as in this interview from January 2021:

Interview: Climate Change – A Different Perspective with Judith Curry

Don't believe their propaganda. Giving more money and power to governments to "protect the climate" or "saving CO2" will have absolutely ZERO effect. None whatsoever.

In November 2015, she gave a fantastic speech about Obama's climate agenda:
Professor Judith Curry - The State of the Climate Debate


A few illustrations of extreme climate events

In 1910, Paris was under water for 2 months:


In 1953, the Netherlands and other parts of Europe suffered extreme flooding:


Montana was totally devastated in 1964:


New England suffered massive damage and flooding from a hurricane in 1938:


New Hampshire suffered a horrendous flood in 1936:


Mississippi flooding of 1993:


Sheffield, in the UK, suffered a man-made flood in 1886 after a dam burst - not really a climate event, but still worth mentioning:


Great Mississippi Flood, 1927; at least 1000 people died

Venice floods, 1933

Lynmouth floods, 1952 

Barcelona floods, 1962, at least 800 deaths

Florence floods, 1966 

While the current floodings in Germany were devastating, it must never be forgotten that they were much worse in the past!

List of deadliest floods from Wikipedia

Death tollEventLocationYear
500,000–4,000,0001931 China floodsChina1931
900,000–2,000,0001887 Yellow River floodChina1887
500,000–800,0001938 Yellow River floodChina1939
229,000Typhoon NinaChina1975
145,0001935 Yangtze floodChina1935
100,000+St. Felix's Flood, storm surgeNetherlands1530
(up to) 100,000[1][2][3]The flood of 1099Netherlands & England1099
up to 100,000[4]1911 Yangtze river floodChina1919
50,000–80,000[2]St. Lucia's flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1287
60,000North Sea flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1212
40,000[5]1949 Eastern Guatemalan FloodsGuatemala1949
36,000St. Marcellus flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1219
30,0001954 Yangtze River floodsChina1954
28,7001974 Bangladesh flood due to monsoon rainBangladesh1974
25,000–40,000St. Marcellus flood / Grote Mandrenke, storm tideHoly Roman Empire, Denmark1362
20,0001999 Vargas mudslideVenezuela1999
20,000All Saints' Flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1570
20,0001939 Tianjin floodChina1939
15,000[6]1705 Po valley floodItaly1705
14,000Christmas flood, storm surgeNetherlands, Germany, Denmark1717
10,000–100,000[1][2][3]St. Elizabeth's flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1421
8,000–15,000Burchardi floodGermany, Denmark1634
10,000Great Iran FloodIran1954
10,0001824 St. Petersburg floodRussia1824
several thousandsNorth Sea flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1014
several thousandsSt. Juliana flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1164
several thousandsSt. Agatha flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1288
several thousandsSt. Clemens flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1334
several thousandsSt. Mary Magdalene's floodCentral Europe1342
several thousandsAll Saints flood, storm surgeHoly Roman Empire1532
several thousandsNorth Sea flood, storm surgeNetherlands1703
7,000[6]1557 Palermo floodSicily1557
6,200Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui floodChina1980
5,748.[7]2013 North India floodsIndia2013
5,000–10,000Rajputana floodIndia1943
5,000Lake Palcacocha in the Cojup valley, Cordillera Blanca mountain range, landslide by massive avalanchePeru1941
4,892[5]1968 Rajasthan, Gujarat monsoon rainIndia1968
4,8001951 Manchuria floodChina1951
4,000[6]1610 Tanaro River floodItaly1610
3,8381998 Eastern India, Bangladesh monsoon rainIndia, Bangladesh1998
3,8141989 Sichuan floodChina1989
3,8001978 Northern India monsoon rainIndia1978
3,6561998 Yangtze river floodChina1998
3,5001948 Fuzhou floodChina1948
3,189+2010 China floods, landslidesChina, North Korea2010
3,0841993 South Asian monsoon rainNepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan1993
3,0762004 Eastern India, Bangladesh monsoon rainIndia, Bangladesh2004
3,000[6]1530 Tiber River floodItaly1530
3,000[6]1598 Tiber River floodItaly1598
3,0001992 Afghanistan flood, mainly, Gulbahar, Kalotak, Shutul, Parwan, flash flood, mudslideAfghanistan1992
2,9101950 Pakistan floodPakistan1950
2,8282011 Southeast Asian floodsPhilippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia2011
2,7751996 China flood, torrential floods, mud-rock flowsChina1996
2,5661953 Japan flood, mainly Kitakyushu, Kumamoto, Wakayama, Kizugawa, massive rain, flood, mudslideJapan1953
2,400North Sea flood, storm surgeNetherlands838
1,000-8,0002016 Indian floods by monsoon rainIndia2016
2,3791988 Bangladesh monsoon rainBangladesh1988
2,209Johnstown FloodUnited States (Pennsylvania)1889
2,142North Sea flood of 1953 storm surgeNetherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium1953
2,0751981 Sichuan, Shanxi floodChina1981
2,0551987 Bangladesh monsoon rainBangladesh1987
2,000–5,0001Morvi dam burstIndia (Morvi, Gujarat)1979
2,000–3,000Mostaganem and Oran floodAlgeria1927
2,000+Bristol Channel floods, 1607England and Wales; possible tsunami1607
1,921[5][6]Vajont Dam landslide and floodItaly1963
1,8341992 Pakistan, Northern India monsoon rainPakistan, India1992
1,7231991 China flood, mainly, Sichuan, Guizhou, Hubei, torrential floods, mud-rock flowsChina1991
1,7001955 Northern India floodIndia1955
1,624Fujian, Anhui, Zhejiang floodChina2005
1,605–3,363spring floodingHaiti, Dominican Republic2004
1600–2,000Pakistan floods, monsoon flooding[8][9][10][11]Pakistan2010
1,558St. Martin flood, storm surgeNetherlands1686
1,5322002 China flood, torrential floods, mud-rock flowsChina2002
1,503Mumbai and the surrounding state Maharashtra, Karnataka, monsoon rainIndia2005
1,4371995 China flood, mainly, Hunan, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Sichuan, Fujian, torrential rain, devastating floods, mud-rock flowsChina1995
1,3482007 China flood, mountain torrents, mud-rock flowsChina2007
1,268Floods were caused by Tropical Storm Washi[12]Philippines2011
1,0292004 China flood, mountain torrents, mud-rock flows, landslideChina2004
1,0001961 Bihar floodIndia1961
992Isahaya, massive rain and mudslideJapan1957
941Inuyama Iruka pond dam failureJapan1868
9331938 Massive rain of Japan, mainly Tokyo, Kobe, massive rain and landslideJapan1938
915Barcelona, flash floodSpain1962
903January 2011 Rio de Janeiro floods and mudslidesBrazil2011
8481977 Karachi floodPakistan1977
8442006 North Korean floodsNorth Korea2006
827Algiers, Bab El Oued, devastating flood, mudslideAlgeria2001
800North Sea flood, storm surgeNetherlands1825
8002000 Mozambique floodMozambique2000
7052006 Ethiopia flood, mainly Omo River Delta, Dire Dawa, Tena, Gode, flash flood, heavyrainEthiopia2006
6772009 August 8 flood, due to Typhoon Morakot, An entire village of Shiaolin was buried at the southern county of KaohsiungTaiwan2009
6721972 Seoul floodSouth Korea1972
6531972 Luzon floodPhilippines1972
6401987 Villatina landslide disasterColombia1987
6102007 North Korean floodsNorth Korea2007
5951999 Vietnamese floodsVietnam1999
594Hanoi and Red River Delta floodNorth Vietnam1971
5401969 Tunisia floodingTunisia1969
532Cuzco, Huallaga, torrential rain, flooding, landslidePeru1982
5171967 Massive rain of Japan, mainly, Kobe, Kure, Agano River, massive rain and landslideJapan1967
506KwaZulu-NatalSouth Africa1987
500Malawi, flash flood and landslideMalawi1991
500Gauldal, landslideNorway1345
500[13]2018 East Africa floodsKenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Somalia2018
4832018 Kerala floodsIndia2018
464Lisbon flash floodPortugal1967
449+2016 China floodsChina2016
445Western Japan, massive rains and landslidesJapan1972
4371967 Brazil flood, mainly Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, flood and landslideBrazil1967
431St. Francis Dam failureUnited States (California)1928
4312015 Tamil Nadu floods Chennai, Cuddalore and Andhra Pradesh named 2015 South Indian floodsIndia2015
4292002 Nepal flood, mainly occurred at Makwanpur, monssnal rain, flood, landslideNepal2002
425October 1999 Mexico floods, mainly occurred at Tabasco, Puebla, Chiapas, flood and mudslide as a result from Tropical Depression ElevenMexico1999
421Malpasset Dam failureFrance1959
420St. Aarons FloodAmsterdam1420
4081969 South Korea flood, mainly, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongsangnam-do, Gangwon-do, torrential rain, landslideSouth Korea1969
4071993 Iran flood, mainly occurred at Isfahan, Bandar Abass, flash flood and landslideIran1993
4051998 South Korea flood, heavy massive rain, landslideSouth Korea1998
4001955 Lebanon Tripoli floodLebanon1955
386Thailand, Malaysia, mainly, Nakhon, Songkhla, Kelantan, torrential rainThailand, Malaysia,1988
385Ohio River flood of 1937United States (Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois)1937
3731966 Rio de Janeiro flood, flood and landslideBrazil1966
364Piura, Tumbes, torrential rain, flooding, landslidePeru1983
360+Great Dayton FloodUnited States1913
3601958 Buenos Aires floodArgentina1958
356+[6][14]1923 Gleno Dam failureItaly1923
3532007 African Nations floodmainly Sudan, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, and many African country2007
3471996 Yemen floodYemen1996
3451987 South Korea flood, mainly, Chungchongnam-do, Jeollanam-do, Kangwon, torrential rain, landslideSouth Korea1987
3422006 East African FloodKenya, Ethiopia, Somalia2006
315North Sea flood of 1962 storm tideGermany1962
3132003 Sumatra flood, mainly Jambi, Batanghari, Tondano, torrential rain, flash flood, landslideIndonesia2003
3022021 Henan floodsChina2021
300[6]1584 Tanaro River floodItaly1584
300Flood in Miskolc, 1878Miskolc, Hungary1878
300Pampayacta avalanchePeru1963
300Quebrada Blanca canyon, landslideColombia1974
299Nagasaki, massive rain and landslideJapan1982
290Rio de Janeiro and Fluminense floodBrazil1988
2721973 Granada, Almeria, Murcia floodSpain1973
270Great Sheffield flood dam disasterUnited Kingdom1864
268Val di Stava dam disasterItaly1985
2591966 Maian floodJordan1966
2551998 Tajikistan floodTajikistan1998
2512021 Maharashtra floodsIndia2021
250La Josefina landslide dam failureEcuador1993
246+April 2010 Rio de Janeiro floods and mudslidesRio de Janeiro, Brazil2010
246Great Mississippi Flood of 1927United States (Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas)1927
2402017 Gujarat floodGujarat and Rajasthan, India2017
238Black Hills floodUnited States1972
235–2442009 Philippine Floods[15]Philippines2009
2332020 Central Vietnam floodsVietnam, Cambodia, Laos2020
230Marrakesh flash floodMorocco1995
2282007 Balochistan flood by Cyclone YemyinPakistan2007
2282021 European floodsAustria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia2021
2232012 North Korean floodsNorth Korea2012
2252018 Japan floodsJapan2018
203+2017 China floodsChina2017
200–600Chungar landslide, flood, avalanchePeru1971
200+2008 South China floodsSouth China2008
200Pamir Mountain area, mud and rock slides, torrential rainTajikistan1992
199Santa Catarina, Tubarão, torrential heavy rainBrazil1974
1992009 El Salvador floods and mudslidesEl Salvador2009
190Huigra, landslideEcuador1931
1722012 Russian floodsKrymsk2012
1652004 Brazil flood, mainly São Paulo, Pemambuco, torrential rain, mudslideBrazil2004
159Sarno flood and landslideItaly1998
154KwaZulu-NatalSouth Africa1995
141+2010–2011 Southern Africa floodsAfrica2011
140+2019 Pakistan floods and stormsPakistan2019
1382010 Colombia floodsColombia2010
135Ozengeli, avalancheTurkey1993
128Izumo, massive rain and mudslideJapan1964
125+2010 Leh floodsJammu and Kashmir, Pakistan/India2010
1232009 Jeddah Torrential rain, floodsSaudi Arabia2009
1211986 Northern Vietnam floodsVietnam1986
1201991 Antofagasta Flood, mud sweptChile1991
1192007 Central and East Java torrential monsoon rain, landslide, floodIndonesia2007
117Masuda, massive rain and landslideJapan1983
115Los Angeles flood of 1938United States1938
1141990 South Korea flood, Seoul, Inchon, heavy rainSouth Korea1990
1132019 Jayapura flood and landslideIndonesia2019
110Southern Federal District, heavy rain, landslide[16]Russia2002
1041981 Laingsburg floodSouth Africa1981
1012016 Sri Lankan floodsSri Lanka2016
1002008 Vietnam floodsVietnam, China2008
981997 Central European floodPoland, Czech Republic1997
94The Mameyes disasterPuerto Rico (Ponce)1985
90+Columbus, Ohio flood on March 25, 1913United States1913
86"Las Nieves" camping river flood, in Biescas.Spain1996
85+January 2010 Rio de Janeiro floods and mudslidesRio de Janeiro, Brazil2010
81+Valencia floodValencia, Spain1957
81Holmfirth floods—Bilberry Reservoir dam failureUnited Kingdom1852
80–100[17]1852 Gundagai floodAustralia1852
80+2014 Southeast Europe floodsSerbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia2014
80[18]1988 Sudan floodsSudan1988
80Failure of Laurel Run Dam and flash flooding, Johnstown, PennsylvaniaUnited States1977
78Austin Dam failureUnited States1911
77+2019 Iran floodsIran2019
75+2013 Argentina floodsGreater La Plata, Argentina2013
731993 Kagoshima Heavy Rain, mudslide and debris flowJapan1993
72+Nigeria floodsNigeria2012
72Gudbrandsdalen flood and landslidesNorway1789
692005 levee failures in Greater New OrleansUnited States2005
682019 South Sulawesi floodsIndonesia2019
662020 Jakarta floodsIndonesia2020
61[19]Clermont and Peak Downs floodAustralia1916