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How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

Hans Hermann HoppityMar 13, 2021, 11:16:45 PM

Since everyone is getting those Biden bucks in their account now, I'm sure many are interested in buying crypto to hedge against inflation. However, you probably don't want to go through KYC (ID verification) on regular exchanges, and want to keep your purchases and personal info private. Let me introduce you to Bisq, the best private, peer to peer method of buying and trading Bitcoin. There are no server logs, everything is end to end encrypted and it all runs inside of TOR.  

The getting started guide on their site has simple instructions and videos that will walk you through setting up the client/node on your PC, adding a payment method, adding collateral (this is how the platform keeps out bad actors) and making your first trade.

You're also going to want a way to store and transfer your BTC securely (assuming you don't want to trade it for ETH, XMR or other tokens on Bisq). I suggest looking at Samurai (Android) and Wasabi (Desktop) wallets, which are full of security features, including a coin join service, to help anonymize transactions.

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*I am not affiliated with Bisq, just a user and a fan of the service who enjoys helping people protect their personal information while gaining economic freedom