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RebeccaStewartMar 5, 2021, 1:02:16 AM

Sucked into the vortex

by seething, rushing thoughts

Grasped in its power

gasping for breath

grappling for the light

overwhelmed by darkness

a hopeless living death

That’s depression

Wrapped in yourself

by a whirlpool of guilt and fear

Spinning in its force

there’s no up or down

screaming without words

life ebbs away

the lost are not found

That’s depression

Aching and cold

sapped of all strength

useless and futile

as if nothing matters

Fragile, fatigued

weary of living

with no one to mend

the mind shatters

That’s depression
This nightmare is not life

the downward spiral

of a mind in disequilibrium

unbalanced ready to fall

Awake eyes, heart, mind

anticipate, appreciate

there’s fruit here for all

⎯That’s reality

Warmed by a wan sun

swaying, bowing in

the windy dance of spring

An emerald fretwork of lace

boasts a milky way

of buds and blossoms

inspiring artistry and grace

⎯That’s hope

Cloistered in a cage of canes

dangling ripe and luscious

hidden in a leafy prison

guarded by barb and thorn

What spring promised 

summer nourished but

fall has bountifully borne

⎯That’s faith

Drenched in dew, night chilled

glossy black jewels

tart, sweet delights

Scratched, scraped, stained

hands warily, gingerly

grasp precious fruit

bearing the pains

⎯That’s life

Rebecca Stewart


RebeccaStewart copyright 2000
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