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Alleged Evidence Obama, CIA, UN, NATO, Vatican, DOS, MI6, People In 4 Foreign Countries Did Election Fraud & Coup. 2 Arrested. January 5th, 2021.

Francois CarpentierJan 7, 2021, 9:55:44 AM


President Donald Trump, General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Maria Zack are presently in communications about the following.


According to Maria Zack, from a nonprofit organization called "Nations in Action", they are presently publishing information supported by rock solid irrefutable evidence, that the following people did election fraud in YOUR United States Presidential election, and they tried a Coup targeting the duly elected Trump administration.


Find below the January 5th, 2021 audio. About where and when the rock solid irrefutable evidence will be published. They include intercepts, photos, phone calls, material & digital evidence. Which proved the collusion between Barack Obama, CIA, UN, NATO, DOS, Vatican, MI6, and Italian Politicians, and others. They did the election fraud in YOUR 2020 election, stole YOUR vote, and YOUR money. They all got caught into a successful sting operation by the Trump’s administration.


People allegedly involved:

Barack Obama both financed & started the election fraud & the Coup

Some Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives are involved

Stefano Serafini, US Department of State (DOS), orchestrated the election fraud & Coup

Giuseppe Conte, the PRESENT Prime Minister of Italy is VERY heavily involved in the election fraud & Coup. He colluded with Obama.

Matteo Renzi, the former President of Italy. He colluded with Obama.

Claudio Graziano, Chief of the Italian Defence General Staff.

Arturo D'elio, from Leonardo Aerospace SpA, was directed by his boss to do the election fraud by using their satellite to do the illegal uploading to hack the United States voting machines was ARRESTED. The Italian judge stated that D'elio his presently in total protection from both himself and his family. And that D'elio is presently secured in an undisclosed location.

• A second other person involved in the election fraud was put in HOUSE ARREST.

• The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is involved via Claudio Graziano

United Nation (UN) is involved via Claudio Graziano again

• The Vatican is involved via Barack Obama & others. The Vatican were caught by both the Trump administration's successful sting operation and by insider whistleblowers. Evidence will show that the Vatican TOTALLY controlled those satellites used for the secret encrypted communications. It is the VATICAN who is behind ALL the main people and groups with EVIL behaviors who did Election Fraud & Coup. In other words, they stole both your vote & money.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---



The first 14 minutes is the summary. Total audio is 52 minutes.

• Backup 1 https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd

• Backup 2 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/403f3d2a-a1bd-466f-973d-5753069281c6  

• Backup 3 https://open.tube/videos/watch/c93cae26-2547-4292-81ef-f9124f1de050

• Backup 4 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/1e62f611-6c59-447e-a02c-7cb6329ac75d

• Backup 5 original at https://vocaroo.com/1e976QE4oDoy

• Backup 6 CENSORED by YouTube https://youtu.be/7uDRtRoIV8o

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• If this is true, is this weak ethic by those people above? Did they tried a Coup? Is their behaviors Treason?

• What is the penalty for a Coup? What is the penalty for Treason?

• Is Giuseppe Conte or Matteo Renzi a MI6 spy? If yes, controlled by who?

• Did they STOLE your votes and money?

• If yes, it is an interesting coincidence that most of those people are into centralized organizations.

• Do centralized organizations attract people with Evil behaviors?

• Why was the alleged election fraud & Coup based in Italy and in Rome? Was the Vatican covertly involved? If yes, was the alleged Evil military "Order of Jesuits" with head office in Rome involved? Is this another "coincidence"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_of_Jesus

• Was the Venetian "Black Nobility" somehow involved in the election fraud & Coup?

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What Is A Sting Operation?

"In law enforcement, a sting operation is a deceptive operation designed to catch a person committing a crime. A typical sting will have an undercover law enforcement officer, detective, or co-operative member of the public play a role as criminal partner or potential victim and go along with a suspect's actions to gather evidence of the suspect's wrongdoing."

Source https://archive.md/4XKN9#selection-173.0-189.195


In her video below, Veronica P Wolski speculates that what happened and what is presently wrapping up is a String Operation. In other words, a trap to catch people with Evil behaviors. 

Veronica's video part 1 of 2:
• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/ea4fc9bb-3b90-461e-b6d8-943204afd34a
• Backup 2 https://open.tube/videos/watch/63042629-9e79-47bd-b910-9073e30e4ffe
• Backup 3 https://libre.video/videos/watch/3d1a5772-1618-4c2e-8165-e0925f9b39f1
• Backup 4 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/898534e0-7de2-4b5a-84c1-aaf79721aeab 


Veronica's video part 2 of 2:
• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/f6c1dbd6-d1c6-4d24-befe-3ffe8a38aa8e
• Backup 2 https://open.tube/videos/watch/4d4d58bd-b5d7-4b99-8f70-07304b74f934
• Backup 3 https://libre.video/videos/watch/8a7ed58e-07d4-41f4-baa5-909a1c98fa25
• Backup 4 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/3ab37dc1-2c3d-4276-a6c7-aee33ee0e4a9 


Second source:
• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/28933067-0c8d-4139-910e-38b533810538?start=40m49s

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Good Or Evil Behaviors?

I believe that most People at the Vatican, CIA, UN, NATO, MI6, DOS, Vatican, Canada, Germany, Italy, have GOOD, ethical, and lawful behaviors. They are the 99% MAJORITY. But allegedly, a minority of People at the Vatican, CIA, UN, NATO, MI6, DOS, Vatican, Canada, Germany, have EVIL, unethical, or unlawful behaviors. They are the 1% MINORITY.



• Good behaviors https://archive.md/EAywk#selection-1699.14-1713.104
___• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love

• Evil behaviors https://archive.md/uVDOP#selection-155.1-195.3
___• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil

• Public-Servant  https://archive.fo/D7L7G#selection-65.90-65.182
___• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_service

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 



(( Maria Zack, Nations in Action, and Edwin Meese the 75th United States Attorney General ))

• Photo of Maria Zack, from a nonprofit organization called "Nations in Action". Her organization courageously is exposing the Election Fraud & the Coup. Her photos is at https://i.postimg.cc/cHh0h821/Maria-Zack-Nations-In-Actions-2018.jpg

• Right in this photo above is Edwin Meese, the 75th United States Attorney General. Read more about Meese at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edwin_Meese


• Stefano G.J. Serafini, an employee of the  Foreign Service Officer at US Department of State, from the Rome embassy he orchestrated the 2020 election fraud.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=1s

___• Are those Serafini's public profiles?:

______• Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefano-serafini-57bab113b

______• Archived Linkedin: https://archive.md/4kKzx


((Claudio Graziano, Chief of the Italian Defense General Staff, at Military Network, NATO HQ, and United Nation))

• Claudio Graziano, Chief of the Italian Defense General Staff, at Military Network, NATO HQ, and United Nation

___• Are those Graziano's public profiles?:

______• Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudio-graziano-77956318a/

______• Archived Linkedin: https://archive.md/faN5m

______• NATO HQ http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/who_is_who_118364.htm

______• Archived NATO HQ https://archive.md/Ou1v3#selection-839.0-839.24

• Stefano Serafini colluded with General Claudio Graziano.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=34s


• Claudio Graziano is on the board of Leonardo Aerospace. A defence contractor. In other words, part of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=42s

___• Related press release https://www.leonardocompany.com/en/press-release-detail/-/detail/italian-army-ich47f-delivery

______• Archived related press release https://archive.md/jYw2P#selection-7967.238-7967.287


• Leonardo Aerospace used their military satellite to load the software and transfer it over the CHANGE your vote. From Trump to Biden.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=50s


• The satellites were leased & given by the Italian government to the Vatican. Those satellites are use for SECRET encrypted communications. In other words, those satellites are TOTALLY controlled by the VATICAN.

___• Source 1: https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/2c51fbc6-4303-456c-a8c7-02550125970a?start=4m00s

___• Source 2: https://libre.video/videos/watch/bd4601fa-43f8-4bb9-b807-feb9f564e9cb?start=13m20s

___• Source 3: Brad Johnson is a retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s Directorate of Operations. The MI6 spy agency is also involved. 

______• Video:

_________• Backup 1 https://libre.video/videos/watch/ef3d69e5-30d5-457c-a62d-2da938f3c7f8?start=4m00s

_________• Backup 2 https://open.tube/videos/watch/dc3f997b-7e49-4bad-acc2-15f99893b8a0?start=4m00s

_________• Backup 3 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/a185d211-cf92-4177-8d3a-2117a8be21a4?start=4m00s

_________• Backup 4 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/da36b935-1027-465d-a55c-efa99ffc2e26?start=4m00s

_________• Backup 5 original is now censored by YouTube https://youtu.be/YwtbK5XXAMk 


Many famous people with Evil behaviors have secret very large bank accounts at with "The Vatican Bank". Billions of dollars. Source below. Starting at 13 minutes and 47 seconds.

___• Source Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/2ab7d097-66f7-4429-aca6-6e1ef153b12c?start=13m47s

___• Source Backup 2 https://open.tube/videos/watch/565e5536-a454-4528-bf13-ccee57a3cb40?start=13m47s

___• Source Backup 3 https://libre.video/videos/watch/daef139d-f6d5-4762-ba30-086a59d15789?start=13m47s

___• Source Backup 4 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/f373f62b-d831-4e4d-a600-6736643b2951?start=13m47s

___• Source Backup 5 original  https://youtu.be/sR7UavM0E1U?t=826


• It is the VATICAN who is behind ALL the main groups with EVIL behaviors who did Election Fraud

___• Source: https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/2c51fbc6-4303-456c-a8c7-02550125970a?start=8m00s

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/bd4601fa-43f8-4bb9-b807-feb9f564e9cb?start=13m20s


• The United States election in the State of Georgia were a sting operation. The Vatican were caught. By both a sting operation and by whistleblowers.

___• Source 1: https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/28933067-0c8d-4139-910e-38b533810538?start=29m4s

___• Source 2: https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/2c51fbc6-4303-456c-a8c7-02550125970a?start=8m00s

___• Source 3: https://libre.video/videos/watch/bd4601fa-43f8-4bb9-b807-feb9f564e9cb?start=13m20s


• Pope Francis to step down. Interesting "coincidence" that a source close to the Vatican has reported that Pope Francis will be stepping down from the Papacy before the end of this year 2021.

___• Source: https://truthinplainsight.com/vatican-source-says-pope-francis-to-step-down/

______• https://archive.md/zS4gD#selection-536.0-536.1



• Now, during the next days, BEFORE January 20th, 2021, the duly elected government & military of the United States of American (USA) are facing a challenging choice. Because they have to choose between:

___• The END of the USA. As they would be covertly fully controlled by those people listed above, who have EVIL behaviors, including by FOREIGNERS.


___• Defend the USA against foreign interference. By publishing the information. To educate their citizens.

___• Source: https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/2c51fbc6-4303-456c-a8c7-02550125970a?start=12m37s


(( Matteo Renzi and Barack Obama. Yes Obama is smoking. ))

• This Coup was orchestrated by Barack Obama with the help of Matteo Renzi, the former president of Italy.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=1m39s

___• Photo & Wikipedia article about Matteo Renzi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matteo_Renzi

______• Archived photo & Wikipedia article about Matteo Renzi: https://archive.md/mQOiR

(( Matteo Renzi and Barack Obama ))

• The Vatican is involved via Barack Obama & others. The Vatican were caught by both the Trump administration's successful sting operation and by insider whistleblowers. Evidence will show that the Vatican TOTALLY controlled those satellites used for the secret encrypted communications. It is the VATICAN who is behind ALL the main people and groups with EVIL behaviors who did Election Fraud & Coup. In other words, they stole both your vote & money.

___• Source 1:

______• Backup 1 https://libre.video/videos/watch/bd4601fa-43f8-4bb9-b807-feb9f564e9cb?start=17m35s

______• Backup 2 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/3d4a45da-5c7b-4442-b7b8-03e328b86745?start=17m35s

______• Backup 3 https://open.tube/videos/watch/9df10c74-2be8-4ab6-83d2-3199e4b90bee?start=17m35s


___• Source 2:

___• Backup 1: https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/28933067-0c8d-4139-910e-38b533810538?start=29m4s


• The Italian Intelligence Services supplied to "Nations in Action" the intercepts, photos, phone calls which proved the collusion between Barack Obama, Matteo Renzi, and CIA agents who did the election fraud in your 2020 election.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=1m45s


• Evidence are now publicly available on the Internet. The CIA with Evil behaviors, and Leonardo Aerospace panicked. Then change all their heads of intelligence on their website.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=1m52s


• Affidavit at https://i.postimg.cc/WbR8QTqQ/Affidavit-by-Arturo-D-elio-Election-fraud-Image-1-1152x1536.jpg
___• https://archive.md/8kB0P

• Italian Judge's Video:

___• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/3f0243e3-856f-4e1c-9159-8cc2f458e053

___• Backup 2 https://open.tube/videos/watch/53a0f190-a584-4eaf-a0e8-e2984e3d73f3

___• Backup 3 https://libre.video/videos/watch/dda69f4c-b211-4156-82bb-a84bccf31de5

___• Backup 4 original https://youtu.be/AwkDQ7uxgdw  


• Arturo D'elio, an Italian, former head of the IT Department of Leonardo SpA, who was instructed by his boss to do the uploading was ARRESTED. 

___• Source: https://en-volve.com/2021/01/06/bombshell-it-expert-and-global-defense-contractor-testifies-in-italian-court-that-he-and-others-rigged-machines-to-switch-votes-to-biden-in-us-election/

___• Archived source: https://archive.md/zw5Ej


• The other person was put in HOUSE ARREST.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=2m25s


• Brian Kemp, Governor of the U.S. state of Georgia, was informed weeks ago about this alleged Coup. Georgia is one of the 5 States with alleged election fraud.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=3m36s


• Maria Zack, from Nations in Action, spoke with President Donald Trump on December 24th, 2020. Including affidavits, whistleblower, and confessions from people who did this Coup. Then Zack met with Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney of Trump.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=3m59s

• First affidavit at https://nationsinaction.org/2021/01/press-release-voter-fraud/

___• https://archive.md/jbypg

(( Shit meets fan ;) ))

• The shit has hit the fan in Italy on January 5th, 2021. The justice wave is spreading worldwide NOW. After that, the justice wave is coming toward the USA now.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=7m1s


(( Main Stream SUPPRESS & FAKE News Medias ))

• The evidence will first be publish worldwide first. Including but not limited to Italy. After that, the news will be published within the United States (USA) using other means than the corrupt FAKE news USA main stream medias.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=7m23s


• They have rock solid irrefutable evidence. Including financial transactions. Specifically about the funding.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=7m41s


(( Meme & Parody))

• The coup was financed mostly by money that was STOLEN by Barack Obama in 2017. What Obama did is while he was leaving his President office, he took some of YOUR money that was meant to be sent to Iran, but he diverted part of it to Italy. The amount of money Obama stole from YOU is 400 millions. Which represent 14 pallets of cash. Of YOUR hard earned money. To stole YOUR money, Obama colluded with Matteo Renzi, the former president of Italy.
See photos about Obama's SECRET pallets of cash, details, and sources in my other blog post at https://www.minds.com/blog/view/851238093865508864

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=8m20s


((Jim Messina, is Obama's Campaign Manager))

• Jim Messina, the Obama's Campaign Manager, returned to Italy to coordinate with Renzi the Coup against the Trump's administration.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=9m29s

___• Jim Messina, Wikipedia article at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Messina_(political_staffer)

___• Archived Jim Messina, Wikipedia article at https://archive.md/GX3PG


• Giuseppe Conte, the PRESENT acting Prime Minister of Italy is VERY heavily involved in the Coup.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=9m37s

((Giuseppe Conte, the PRESENT acting Prime Minister of Italy))

• Both Conte & Renzi LIED to the citizens of Italy. They do not know about their involvement in the Coup.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=11m34s


(( Sidney Powell, and General Flynn ))

• General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Maria Zack are in communications now. Maria Zack presently has security but she needs more security now. To show your support find the link below under "Show Your Support To Nations in Action" title.

___• Source: https://libre.video/videos/watch/7664baaf-8dca-48c7-8cb6-ba03deb53ebd?start=13m47s



• In all the details above, the symbol "~" means that I guessed the spelling. In other words the spelling is likely wrong. Any volunteer interested to find the correct spelling?

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Photos MI6 Spies Caught On Video Surveillance







Author of those 3 photos above is the Italian military. The Publisher is Brad Johnson, a retired Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s Directorate of Operations at https://youtu.be/YwtbK5XXAMk

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Canada, Germany, Spain

People involved in the election fraud, include but, not limited to, people at Dominion Voting Systems in Canada. And Scytl in Germany & Spain.


• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/55e96a7c-54e2-4c73-aa4e-0eb943a93774?start=59m12s

• Backup 2 https://libre.video/videos/watch/5854a0ae-3dd2-4239-98f4-4508a2290818?start=59m12s

• Backup 3 https://open.tube/videos/watch/8675b4f6-b1a8-411c-869e-1703f9c5a590?start=59m12s

• Backup 4 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/444f4cde-542d-45e0-abe6-7c1db4e9eb5f?start=59m12s


Related News:


___• https://archive.md/exkxY

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Show Your Support To "Nations In Action"

They need NOW or as soon as possible BEFORE January 20th, 2021:

• Security

• Secure housing. Because retaliation will happened from people with Evil behaviors.

• Extensive public relation (PR)

• Grass root support

• Prayers

• Share their posts from their website at https://nationsinaction.org and their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/nationsinaction

• Donation with Paypal at https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=24R7AC454J3HS

___• Nations In Action is a 501(c)4 devoted to advocacy and action geared toward public policy, transparency, and good government for all nations.

• Volunteer at https://nationsinaction.org/#volunteer

Find Nations in Action's contact information is below

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Contact "Nations in Action"

• Form at https://nationsinaction.org/#contact

• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nationsinaction

• Email: [email protected]

• Address: 5020 Clark Road #204, Sarasota, FL 34238, USA

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Trump Activated The Insurrection Act 

According to both Simon Parkes & Monkey Werx, on January 9th, 2021, Trump as President of the United States, as both signed & ACTIVATED the Insurrection Act. To both SUPPORT & PROTECT the United States citizens’ rights.

• Source 1 of 3: Simon Parkes

___• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/2ab7d097-66f7-4429-aca6-6e1ef153b12c?start=38m43s

___• Backup 2 https://open.tube/videos/watch/565e5536-a454-4528-bf13-ccee57a3cb40?start=38m43s

___• Backup 3 https://libre.video/videos/watch/daef139d-f6d5-4762-ba30-086a59d15789?start=38m43s

___• Backup 4 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/f373f62b-d831-4e4d-a600-6736643b2951?start=38m43s


Source 2 of 3: Simon Parkes

___• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/16f0154d-3975-45a2-b2cf-aa156e347496?start=20s___• Backup 2 https://open.tube/videos/watch/07aad445-fac1-41c6-be8e-7b43a8a70ef5?start=20s

___• Backup 3 https://libre.video/videos/watch/761f9a3f-10ea-4168-963e-258eef5b5d26?start=20s

___• Backup 4 original at https://youtu.be/vzheebPuCGU


Source 3 of 3: Monkey Werx

___• https://youtu.be/Yk0OGDKniaI?t=107

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


What Is The Insurrection Act?

By "military lawfully Drain The Swamp" I mean for example, but not limited to, the "Insurrection Act". Which is Execute Order 13848.

For those not familiar with the "Insurrection Act", its Section 253 (10 USC s. 253) lawfully allows Trump, as President of the United Stated, the unilateral right, at his sole discretion, to use the military when citizens’ rights are violated and the state “fails or refuses to protect that right”.


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---



Introduction video about what is the "Insurrection Act" at:

First video https://youtu.be/qQhKBnnDZkE?t=611

Second video https://youtu.be/beq0pmqsNH4

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Execute Order 13848

"Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election"


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Insurrection Act Is NOT To Confuse With Martial Law

The Insurrection Act, allow the US military to be deployed in SUPPORT of the normal civilian legal system. For example, but not limited to, the military could safely & securely re-run the election in some states. Were election fraud were lawfully proven with irrefutable evidence.

Martial law is when the military imposes a justice/legal system that is independent of the normal civilian one. So under martial law you'd have things like military courts, and laws set by the military.

Insurrection Act does NOT require Congressional vote. Compare to Martial law which requires Congressional vote.

What Trump signed & activated on January 9th, 2020 is the Insurrection Act, NOT the Martial Laws.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---




Video interview with Maria Zack, from Nations in Action, January 6th, 2021

• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/9c8bd12c-71dc-4877-a03b-aa5d4fe7329c

• Backup 2 https://open.tube/videos/watch/f9598a7d-7bd7-4280-bc95-fca679b83cd5

• Backup 3 https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/38e028b1-c3c3-45ca-85fd-ca406cc3d8e8

• Backup 4 https://youtu.be/6aVDmIahSeM 



Simon Parkes' January 7th, 2021 video:

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Simon Parkes' January 6th, 2021 video:



Italygate. Blog by Yosono Lakura.

• Part 1 at https://lacrunadellago.net/2020/12/29/italygate-is-the-italian-government-directly-involved-in-the-us-election-fraud-against-trump/?lang=en

___ • Archived part 1 at https://archive.md/jIbZN

• Part 2 at https://lacrunadellago.net/2021/01/07/italygate-part-ii-obama-and-renzi-accused-of-being-the-masterminds-of-the-us-electoral-fraud/?lang=en

___ • Archived part 2 at https://archive.md/lTuad


Brad Johnson: Rome, Satellites, Servers: an Update

Brad Johnson is a retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s Directorate of Operations. The MI6 spy agency is also involved.


• Backup 1 https://video.maga.host/videos/watch/da36b935-1027-465d-a55c-efa99ffc2e26

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• Backup 4 original https://youtu.be/YwtbK5XXAMk 



YourNews's Bombshell Report:


___• https://archive.md/UJox3


Exclusive: Leonardo hack targeted military plane details, arrest warrant shows:


___• https://archive.md/CKE4a


News In Italian




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EVIL's Strategy 👿

For those not familiar with the EVIL's behavior strategy, "elements that are commonly associated with personal forms of evil involve unbalanced behavior involving ANGER, REVENGE, FEAR, HATRED, PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA, EXPEDIENCY, SELFISHNESS, IGNORANCE, DESTRUCTION or NEGLECT." Read more at:



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LOVE's Strategy 💗

Within the context of Love versus Fear. What is Love? For those not familiar with LOVE in this context, love means "human KINDNESS, COMPASSION, and AFFECTION, as the UNSELFISH loyal and benevolent concern for the GOOD of ANOTHER". It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals. Read more at:



Image LOVE & UNITE https://i.postimg.cc/FHVyy6Kr/love-and-unity.png


Of course Love has many meanings. Depends on the context.


With infinite love ♥

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Video Courageous & Successful Shift From Evil To Good

This is a video from Jack Abramoff. A Corporate lobbyist who courageously tries to shift his behaviors from Evil to Good:


2013 Video




2020 Updates

In 2020 Jack shifted his behaviors back to Evil. And faces up to five years in prison. Again. So his fight between his Evil & Good behaviors is not over. Usually those who successfully shifted their behaviors from Evil to Good needed many tries.



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Equal Justice Under Law

For those familiar with Equal Justice Under Law. It means impartiality. That justice should be equally applied without regard to wealth, power, or other status. https://i.postimg.cc/3JNznfRT/Equal-Justice-Under-Law-US-Supreme-Court-front-building.jpg


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