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Drawing a Scene from Ep7 of the Animatrix


Finally managed to pull together the funds for a drawing tablet, thanks to @Chrisini for recommending a cheaper alternative to the clintiq brand. Its been close to a decade since i drew anything so this drawing took me about 15-18 hours to complete. i'll go through my process of creating this for anyone that's interested. I'm using the XP-Pen 15.6 pro (cost $400-$500) and drawing in free software called Gimp.

My outline of what i wanted with some colour samples i thought i might need.
Dropped the opacity of the first image to 50% then drew much improved continuous lines over it
take away the first layer and i have nice lines to work with now
Tried to replicate the the washed out colours from the movie itself

For the background i went to google translate, English to Japanese, and used words like Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Yuki, Yoko, See the truth, Free yourself and Break free. 

Once i had them screen capped and aligned in my background, I then made the white/grey colour transparent which left me with only the Japanese text, which i could then change the hue to green.

My base image to work from

From here its just a case of messing around with different hues, filters and effects within the gimp software. Here are some contenders.

But hey, who reads blogs, i know i rarely do, so i turned it into some glitchy gifs. (i'm out of space it seems, only one gif showing up)

If you want to watch the episode go here https://www.thewatchcartoononline.tv/the-animatrix 

Its episode 7 called 'Beyond' , find it around the the 53/54 minute mark. Its truly a work of art!  As @bloodbroli might say, "but maybe #NoOneCares which is fine".