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Rising Stars in the Real Estate Business

BeniRFeb 5, 2021, 2:34:48 PM

Of all professions and trades, perhaps the most alluring to ambitious young businessmen and women are in the real estate business. Real estate is anyone’s game, and as many of the most successful real estate moguls can tell you, there’s a chance at greatness here for any who are willing to work for it. 

This doesn’t mean just a chance to amass wealth; many of the richest real estate moguls also use their vast fortunes for good, giving large amounts to charities and other philanthropic causes. However, when assessing those at the top of the ladder, it helps to keep in mind the fact that this industry caters to those who are willing to exploit the “et tu, Brute?” style of upwards mobility that is so often seen in this business.  

Even on the smaller end of the scale, you can see real estate personalities using their amassed wealth to help charity, making a positive impact on their communities and just being good humans in general. While some would say that real estate is a greed driven business, we like to think that this is simply not the case. Real estate is a tough business, and there has to be more to its popularity than simple greed.  

Whatever the case, its difficulty hasn’t stopped people from flocking to the real estate business; far from it! Every year, investors and realtors vie for better positions, higher commissions and the thrill of making a sale or closing an exceptionally lucrative deal. It isn’t easy, and only the most skilled and ruthless will make it to the top, but there’s money to be made here, and the money is good.  

Rising real estate stars

Before we take a look at the all time greats of real estate, let’s look at a couple up and coming real estate entrepreneurs. These figures are not at the top yet, but with a bit of time, it's highly plausible they might get there. Let’s read a bit about them now! 

Brandon Turner 

Real estate investment. Authoring several books. Reporting on real estate news for dozens of high profile publications. Is there anything Brandon Turner can’t do? Not that we’ve seen! Currently the VP of growth at BiggerPockets. com, one of the web’s largest real estate investment communities, Turner has carved out a niche for himself with hard work and determination.

But that’s not all! Turner is a prolific real estate writer, and has had his articles published by Forbes, Business Insider, BiggerPockets. com and many more. Additionally, Turner is a highly successful author, with more than ten books published under his name. Finally, Turner’s real estate investment career is also impressive, with over 40 real estate holdings in his possession. 

Clayton Morris

With an impressive list of accomplishments to his name, Clayton Morris is more than deserving of his spot on this list. Gaining notoriety from his time as co-host of Fox and Friends, Morris has an extensive background in Real Estate, having earned millions with his creative investing strategies. 

Morris also has a varied background that includes professional wrestling, several small roles in direct-to-video B-movies, and stints on shows such as Good Day Philadelphia and the Daily Buzz. Today, he lives in Portugal with his wife and three children, from where he manages his company, Morris Invest. 

Mark Ferguson

Hardworking. Industrious. Self-made. What do all these adjectives have in common? They all describe real estate agent and investor Mark Ferguson perfectly! With over 17 years of experience, Ferguson is all-American success story that has, time and time again, shown the grit and determination that are necessary to pull oneself up by the bootstraps. 

Born to a well established real estate agent in Colorado, Ferguson attended college at the University of Colorado,where he earned his degree in Business Finance. Since then, he has flipped hundreds of properties, sold hundreds more, and currently owns over twenty rental properties. Additionally, he wrote several books, and even started his own company, InvestFourMore.

Ken McElroy

Perhaps the most ambitious entry on this list, Ken McElroy has met and overcome every limitation thrown at him throughout his long and successful career. From his start as a humble real estate agent to starting his own business, authoring several books and becoming a sold-out motivational speaker, McElroy just doesn’t stop. 

McElroy has developed a fine-tuned real estate investment strategy, which he has honed to a razor edge. With this concise investment strategy, McElroy has experienced success after success, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Now serving on the board of directors for the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, Ken is selflessly using his success in real estate to give back to the community. 


The road to becoming a real estate mogul is a hard one, fraught with difficulties and paved with the broken dreams and shattered aspirations of failed career men and overconfident investors. Nevertheless, that doesn’t seem to deter the flocks of bright eyed hopefuls that eagerly attempt to get in on the scene every year. 

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