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Bear8Photo is now on Minds! Full-Time RVing Travel, Solar Powered, Boondocking, Nature Photography

Bear8PhotoFeb 27, 2019, 10:17:14 PM

A few of the places we have boondocked (camped for free)

Hello, Minds! Welcome to the Bear8Photo Journey!!

*Jeremy & Ink(dog) Living in an RV full time while maintaining a minimalist lifestyle focused on nature, self sufficiency, and realizing passion.*

The Bear8Photo Journey commenced in May of 2012. Months before the idea was conceived, I was feeling extremely bogged down due to an expensive mortgage, various other tedious bills, a mediocre job, and most of all a feeling of metaphorical claustrophobia and overall unhappiness. I realized freedom and passion is what I longed for. I did some research on how to live a more unobstructed life filled with passion and came across minimalism, self sufficiency, and the full time RV lifestyle. It all seemed to be calling my name, so with little to no hesitation, I quit the job, sold the house, bought the RV, and Ink and I said sayonara to domestic life; We haven't looked back since.

Approx 6 years later and we've been from PA to Key West, FL, Northern Maine, South Texas, Northern Montana, way down to Slab City, so many places in between, and are currently spending some time in Arizona. During our time on the road we have managed to be somewhat self sufficient thanks to a solar panel and awesome boondocking skills. Needless to say, it's been a wonderful experience.

Photography has been a big part of this trip and I'm always posting new photos of my travels (which are also available for purchase as prints on my website) so be sure to follow along!

Find the entire Bear8Photo collection and more info about Bear8Photo here: http://www.bear8photo.com

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