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Vaccine Passports: Where Have We Seen Documentation Like This Before?

basil_hallwardMar 28, 2021, 9:30:48 PM

During an interview where the good doctor, who is also Groper Joe’s cheaf adviser on health, reassured the public that the troubled AstraZeneca COVID jab is still “a very good vaccine”, Dr. Anthony Fauci, senior advisor to President Biden, head of the NIAID, and head of the US delegation to the WHO, warned that Europe’s third wave could portend another surge in infections in the US.

With cases rising week over week in more than half of US states, and reports about the AstraZeneca trial data baffling the public, Dr. Fauci appeared on “Good Morning America” Tuesday to try and explain exactly what is going on.

Fauci started by assuring his audience that he was “optimistic” about the AstraZeneca vaccines’ effectiveness and expressed hope that AstraZeneca’s vaccine would soon join the other three approved for use in the US.

As for the AstraZeneca vaccine, Dr. Fauci explained during the interview that the DSMB, the agency overseeing all the COVID vaccine trials in the US, became incensed after it saw AstraZeneca publish a press release outlining the main findings from the trial data. That release – which the company later admitted was based on an “interim analysis” – was apparently seen as unsuitably premature by the regulator, which angrily rebuked AstraZeneca in “a rather harsh note” saying they thought the data in the press release “was somewhat outdated and might in fact be misleading a bit” – according to Dr. Fauci’s description.

Right after Fauci’s interview slot GMA moved on to another story that might help explain all the panic about rising case numbers: pretty soon proof of vaccination could become like an identity card in a totalitarian society, permitting the holder to access everything from air travel to restaurants, theatres and concert halls and sports stadiums as well as access to public transport, shops etc.. But to justify this, governments need people to keep taking vaccines, such an authoritarian measure will not be workable if only half of us have been vaccinated.

And right now with doubts spreading about the safety of both the Pfizer / Moderna mRNA shots and the Astra Zeneca offering, production problems slowing the roll out and evidence mounting that the risk to the vast majority of the public from the SARSD-COV2 virus is disappearingly small and the roll out now moving to younger, healthier social groups as anti – lockdown and anti – mask feeling spawns riots and mass protests, it isn’t looking good.

But will the introduction of vacciine passports be accepted by the whole population, or will only the pathetic sheep who wear their masks while having a shit or engaging in similar solitary activities, happily embrace this proposed violation of human rights, while the goats recognise the policy for what it is.

The case is we have seen this type of “documentation” in the past:

Passports were introduced for urban residents, sovkhozniks and workers of novostroykas (новостройка, a major construction site of a new town, plant, railway station, etc.). According to the 1926 Soviet Census 82% of the population in the Soviet Union was rural. Kolkhozniks and individual peasants did not have passports and could not move into towns without permission. Permissions were given by chairpersons of collective farms or rural councils. Repeated violations of the passport regime was a criminal offence. Passports were issued by the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (Soviet law enforcement).

Sound familiar? Or if not, have you never seen a movie or TV show set in World War 2, in which the German SS oficers demand of patriots or undercover British and American agents, “Show me your papers. RAUS!”

Never before in any democratic nation has it been necessary to prove you have permission from the government to go about everyday activities. The basic principle of democracy is that the government SERVES the people, it does not own us.


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