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Major Study Links Covid Vaccines To Disruption Of Womens Reproductive Cycle

basil_hallwardSep 17, 2021, 12:33:20 PM

by Ian Thorpe, 17 September 2021:
More evidence that COVID vaccine program is a scam emerged today as a serious study carried out by Imperial College, London and reported in The Daily Telegraph suggests a link between Pfizer, Moderna, AZ and J&J vaccines and menstrual cycle:

Some of us have been reporting since early this year on the problems many people have experienced after accepting on of the COVID vaccines currently approved for use on the public. Among the problems reported was disruption of women's menstrual cycle, with many women reporting their periods had been disrupted and reports from some post menopausal women that their periods had started again after a pause of several years. There were even reports of miscarriages following quickly after vaccination.

I did not discuss this much in my blogs and articles as I have no medical training and no womb or ovaries which lead me to feel that I am not qualified to discuss such things in detail, but it was a serious concern for many and like other serious concerns around the safety and reliability of these untested and hastily developed vaccines this reported disruption of the reproductive cycle was dismissed by medical professionals, corporate public relations departments, politicians and the media.

No evidence of a link between COVID vaccines and female fertility problems, the official narrative assured us. I've always said evidence is overrated, you will never find evidence of anything if you do not look for it and  both the Big Pharma cartel membership, health regulatory agencies and the media have shown themselves unwilling to look.

In the case of the possible link between COVID vaccines and disrupted periods  however, some people decided they would loo.k for evidence ...... and what they found ought to make everybody who has been "led by science" on these vaccines think again:


Why didn’t doctors listen to women about the link between Covid vaccines and periods?

Daily Telegraph, 17 September 2021: A new study reveals that thousands of women experienced irregularities after their jab – yet the medical establishment seems disinterested (Picture: Daily Telegraph)

A new study suggests just how little attention the medical community paid to women's concerns

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