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Government Whistleblower admits Labour Opened Borders to Eastern Europe to ‘Lower Wage Growth’

basil_hallwardNov 25, 2017, 8:46:38 PM

It's likely that most well informed people realised The Labour Party had ceased to live up to their claim to "speak for the working class" by the time they won the 1964 election under Harold Wilson, and anyone who has read George Orwell's book "The Road To Wigan Pier" will be aware that "the people's party" was in fact hijacked by elitists shortly after World War One.

It should be no surprise then thai it was under a Labour government led by the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair, our borders agencgy was ordered to open the door to uncontrolled mass immigration from eastern Europe. The move came folowing a series of secret meetings between Blair and the Rothchild lackey and then Bank of England governor Mervyn King in which King “pressed the case” that mass immigration would “lower wage growth” by creating a pool of cheap workers, a former senior diplomat has claimed.

In the private meetings Blair allegedly put forward the case that Britain should neglect to impose transitional controls on migrants from nations which joined the European Union (EU) in 2004, in the spirit of the EU's free movement of people policy according to Sir Ivan Rogers, the former Labour leader’s private principal secretary at the time. It seems unlikely that Blair and King had both forgotten that britain was not part of the EU's free movement zone.

“King pressed the case to open the labour market without transition on the grounds that it would help lower wage growth and inflation, address supply bottlenecks in a fast-growing pre-financial crisis economy, and help keep interest rates low,” the civil servant said.

Sir Ivan suggested in a 12,000 word essay on the breakdown of Britain’s relationship with Brussels, Labour’s decision not to impose controls — which resulted in an influx of over a million EU migrants from eastern member-states, flying in the face of assurances that just 15,000 a year would come — was a factor in the Brexit vote last year.

"The two most visible effects of the enlargement policy championed so vigorously by the British elite were something close to a tripling of the UK’s net contribution to EU coffers, and the huge influx of eastern European labour to the UK, facilitated by the Blair government decision to open the UK labour market without the transitional periods permitted by the treaties."

Both of these entirely predictable consequences were guaranteed to harm the lifestyles of the British working class. This has contributed greatly to the party's decline in the old industrial areas of the north and Midlands.

"When the UK’s pro-EU elites excoriate Cameron’s decision on the referendum, or his strategy to win it, they have also, I think, to reflect on how they underestimate the real world consequences of enlargement,” asserted Sir Ivan, delivering the essay as a speech to Oxford University on Thursday.

Labour's betrayals of the working class continue under Corbyn,” he added, highlighting claims that the Labour-led regional government in Wales has been “subsidising Amazon to import EU migrant workers rather than employ local people”. What makes this really sleazy is that while Labour nationally is always howling about raising the minimum wage, Amazon's zero hours contract jobs circumvent that legislation.


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