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What do you do on 6th December?

BashyDec 6, 2021, 10:22:53 AM

Different cultures have different customs and traditions from one another. I've been thinking about making a post on bigger landmark days (if I will remember) under a new hashtag - #traditionsoftheworld. First one of those would be 6th December.

I don't know what about your country, but 6th December is Mikuláš day. In Slovakia, it's little baby Jesus who brings Christmas gifts (don't ask about logistics of that xD), and it's Mikuláš (our version of Santa Claus) who brings sweets or coal to children.

What about traditions connected to this day?

The traditions connected to Mikuláš have been warped over the years. Back when village life was more prominent, a few people in the village would be acting as Mikuláš and his companions angel and čert (it's Devils minion, but couldn't find English word for that).

Those people would go door to door, scaring little children into being good. They would stay in each house, and children were supposed to prove they are good by either reciting a rhyme, or other performance. Good children would then get sweets, while bad children would get lump of coal.

Mikuláš a čert - Farnosť HARICHOVCE

Because parents are scared for their children, and don't want to inflict emotional trauma, this habit is way more meek nowadays. Usually the groups of 3s go around the cities, bringing sweets. Or some companies organize Mikuláš day for the children of the employees.

Personally, being a city girl, I've had only one encounter with a mean Mikuláš. It was when we were visiting relatives in village when I was 5-ish. I remember hiding behind their sofa in terror (good memories) and feeling extra shy around all those strangers. I wish I would have had more years like that in retrospect.

Shoes on the window

Another tradition, I am more familiar with is putting shoes on the window on the evening of 5th December. This shoe would be then filled with sweets by Mikuláš overnight.

Vrátili sme sa do detstva, keď bol Mikuláš ozajstný ~ Gaudeo

Naturally, children love the holiday, as they get to receive LOTS of sweets from parents, grandparents and strangers. Back in school, we would even get more free days if Mikuláš was a school day. We would beg teachers to not do any schoolwork, and bribe them with sweets we got from the boots.

Overall, I think it's an interesting holiday, and I would be interested to hear if you treat 6th December any different from other days in the year, or if it's just regular day for you.