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How You Can Renovate to Add Value to Your Home

auswestconstructionSep 27, 2018, 9:54:26 AM

When you want to remodel your home to bring in more income from your resale, you need to know the basic income-generating upgrades. There are many homeowners who have done it blindly and eventually, incurred more cost than their home is capable of returning. Here are ways you can remodel your home for a profit:

Revamp your exterior

What will happen if you ignore your main entrance but renovate the interior? You'll probably get buyers who were expecting less in the interior and hence end up with bargainers who will mess up the whole value you had set up for your house. Dress up the lawn really nicely and freshen up the look of your door. In overall, make your exterior look attractive and high-quality so as to get high potential buyers.

Upgrade your Flooring

The second impression a buyer will get is affected by the flooring. Refinish the floors if they do not have too much damage and ensure that you do it perfectly to the walls. You can rip out the floor if damaged and put in hardwood flooring if your budget isn't as tight. However, another great alternative can be laminated floors with a great gloss to renew the look.

Paint goes a long way

This isn't where you say anything can do. You have to sit and check painting ideas, and even consult a professional--it won't cost much to consult only. After all, this is an investment we are talking about. Blend the colors smartly and just a single coat will be enough. You can DIY to reduce costs. Paint the ceilings and the floor to match up the entire space ad watch your home replenish.

Upgrade fixtures

There's nothing bad like entering a home to find scratched sinks, stained bathtubs and so forth. And even worse, being given a high price tag that feels like twice the value of the home. If you want an appealing look for your kitchen for instance, potential buyers should be greeted by sparkling sinks and taps. The brightness new fixtures reflect creates a great illusion of a new home. Choose hi-end looking fixtures and modern types for that matter.

Create a state of art kitchen

Not that you should start ripping off the cabinets inside out. Paint your kitchen cabinets, update fixtures, settle for more efficiency by creating convenient pantry space and ensuring energy efficient appliances. The countertops should be clean and without a scratch. The kitchen is one part of a home that can add tremendous value to the price. Replace the silverware and the kitchen equipment that is supposed to make a statement.

Recreate the bathroom

Your fixtures and fittings come first as the bathroom are a sensitive space. Also, you should give your bathroom a contemporary style in order to match the preferences of diverse buyers. Tile for a bathroom never dies and so integrate one that matches the layout as well as the lighting you put up. You do not want a too bright or too dull light as the reflections from the sparkling layout has to be neutralized. The bathroom needs proper time to make it all comfortable as this is one of the top valued spaces in your home. You also want to achieve flexibility so that the buyer can be able to make changes of their own.

Create an income generating space

These are times where people value a place they can Airbnb easily. You can convert your basement into a living space. Any space in your home can be reinvented to form a living space. If you include that in your home remodeling, the value of your home will increase immensely. Doesn’t have to drain your bank. Devise cost-effective ways to cut down your renovation costs and the return on investment will still be huge.

Window replacement

Your windows not only matter visually but also in energy efficiency. Ensure that you replace your windows with visually appealing but also energy efficient ones. Your buyers would want windows that will save their home heating bills and ones that bring in natural light gracefully. You can also choose quality shading to provide a fresh ambiance.

Do away with inefficient energy systems

In today’s market, modern home systems are greatly valued if set up with energy efficient models. For instance, instead of the traditional water heating system, tankless water heaters are taking over. Buyers know the difference and will hence be happy to pay more if they know what you got for them.

Instead of the buyer finding a home with a mold infested attic or any inconvenient spaces in the home, they’d want to pay for less. Ensure that you waterproof and insulate all of the strategic places in order to brand a price worth the pay. Not only are modern systems efficient but also save a lot of space due to their compact build. Make your home efficient as much as possible.


When you want to renovate for sale, the person to look for is a contractor who has done similar projects in your area. They know what they did on the last job and they are obviously growing as they do more projects. You could be hesitant as many reputable contractors are commonly expensive.

However, it will be all worth it when they, at last, transform your home into a more valued property. A contractor who has dealt with projects like yours will know how they can save you money and also renovate to add value to your property immensely. They’ve been doing it and your project will be another way to prove their development so far.