Armature Nine


Armature Nine (or A9-RIG) is our revolutionary collection of articulated products. They were first designed and released in 2012 and have been awarded multiple patents (with others still pending). In 2012 A9 made history by becoming the first ever mass produced 3D printed product in the world with now thousands of units circulating internationally to over fifty countries around the globe. The A9 bipeds remain to this day, the only artist manikins that can achieve every pose humanly possible.
Dear Armature Nine customers and fans, I am grateful to report that production will continue to remain uninterrupted despite the measures being taken by our local government. My heart goes out to everyone out there being unfairly and negatively impacted by all of this. If you need help please reach out to your friends, family and neighbors. Don't let the quarantines divide you. And don't let yourself be ashamed, either. There is NO shame in needing help. This is your opportunity to learn how to rely on those nearest to you and on yourself. Time and again history teaches us that the more we rely on institutions to take care of us the less we become able to rely on ourselves and each other. Let this be an opportunity for us to regain the capacities and strengths of character that have become atrophied over the years. And let this be a resurgence in grass-roots energies, innovations, friendships and family bonding. I consider myself fortunate to even be ABLE to take care of my family and will pledge to do what I can for my neighbors with the time and resource I have remaining. Sincerely, Paul Siegel
Looking for something to do? How about drawing? A9's daily drawing prompts are going strong and since I started this in October of last year have produced over 150 poses with close to 2000 images (new one daily) . Crazy how well my Rider has held up. I do need to tighten the wrists and shoulders a bit, but that's pretty much it. or
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