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MoonForum – The New Home for ICO / STO Signature Bounty Hunters

Angel on CryptoDec 28, 2018, 7:24:54 PM

You want a high forum rank? You missed the boat with Bitcointalk? You want to earn tokens via STO or ICO signature bounty campaigns? The MoonForum will soon be the place to go.

The forum is run by Amazix. The bounty managers that are running the best ICO bounty campaigns.

After a supposed conflict with the Bitcointalk moderators, a few of the Amazix bounty threads in Bitcointalk were deleted. This led to Amazix creating their own forum from scratch. Currently, the bounty threads are posted simultaneously on Bitcointalk and the MoonForum, but it can be expected that in the near future Amazix will migrate all of their activity to the MoonForum.

The future of signature campaigns (run by Amazix)

Currently, stakes in signature campaigns are given for Bitcointalk comments and a small extra amount of stakes for posting on MoonForum. This may very well change in the future if Amazix completely leave Bitcointalk.

Benefits for bounty hunters

Ranking up in Bitcointalk is freezed by the whale-protective Merit System. If you were an early member and managed to rank up before June 2018, then enjoy your high rank and generous payments, because nobody will ever reward you any sMerits, no matter how valuable posts you are committing to the forum.

On the other hand, the MoonForum is just being launched. 200 comments will rank you up to Senior Member equivalent in Bitcointalk and it can be achieved in days.

Why joining now?

If you join now, you will be getting the chance to rank up quickly, to develop a connection with the management team and moderators and to establish yourself as one of the forum thought leaders.

This is like mining BTC in 2010 or being one of the first employees in a start-up. And the forum is actually a start-up, with a high chance of success, given the fact that the most powerful company for community management sits behind it. 

Join MoonForum here!