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Bolton Coin – Solutions and Opportunities for Investors

Angel on CryptoJan 13, 2019, 6:11:05 PM

The Company

Bolton Holding LTD is an established Dubai based company, that manages various assets like gold, real estate, Bitcoin mining farms, diamonds, etc. Now, with their STO, they are tokenizing a market, that was hard to access for ordinary people. This way, ordinary investors can participate in the core business of the company. How?

Bolton Coin holders have access and rights to choose a suitable staking investment plan, track their trading profits and withdraw funds to exchanges.

The Bolton Mining Business

One of the markets Bolton Coin is operating on is Bitcoin mining. Ordinary investors and non-tech people can’t mine Bitcoin or even easier to mine alts, because of lack of technical knowledge. All the cloud mining companies are alleged to be scams, so this is not an option, too. Bolton Coin provides a viable option.

As we are in the crypto sphere, probably the one asset in the Bolton portfolio we should give the most attention is exactly the mining farm. They are going to mine Bitcoin and other altcoins for a balanced portfolio between stable low-risk coins and higher yield potential alts.

Website & Whitepaper Review

The website is written in plain English with easy terms and close to perfect explanations about the idea and benefits of the project. The design, UX and graphics are highly professional. They completely fit the branding and communicate Bolton Holding’s idea in a supportive way.

The whitepaper is more comprehensive than the website and adds more information. But it doesn’t go very deep in detail. This is going to create some work for the community managers, who will have to answer some technical questions in private support chats and groups.


The team consists of 22 professionals. All of them are verifiable on LinkedIn. They seem experienced in their fields. The team balance is slightly skewed towards business, sales and marketing people at the expense of blockchain developers. But I suppose this is because the project is not so tech heavy as other ICOs, such as the blockchain infrastructural ones.

Advisors are not listed, but as we know, most of them are not doing much work and are there just to give credibility and collect some tokens, so I am not seeing this as a disadvantage. Quite the opposite! I am admiring the honest approach and lack of manipulations of the community perception for the project with such cheap moves.

I guess the policy is the same with partnerships and VC backing. None are presented on the website, but you can’t collect 62M$ without such. So, admirations again.

ICO Analysis and Tokenomics

At the time of writing the raised amount is 62M$. The minimum investment is 20 000$ and there are 1932 contributors. This figures show that the investments are dispersed amongst a lot of investors and whaling is not expected to occur. One individual having dozens of accounts is unlikely, because there is a KYC procedure, that limits this.

The team have price supporting mechanisms planned. They seem to care a lot about the token price and its levels not falling under the issuance price. This includes buybacks, forward selling and other strategies. This is a rare phenomenon amongst ICO teams.

There is also something that can be called an “insurance policy”. If some asset that Bolton invests in, falls to zero, then the investor may demand conversion of the token at the stock rate.

A strict KYC procedure is required and US and Chinese residents are forbidden to join. This speaks serious commitment to do the STO the right way with no unnecessary risks.


A lot of ICOs are trying to back their token by an asset. Some examples, just to mention some of the popular successful ICOs so far: Glitzkoin does it with diamonds. Goldea with gold. WePower with electricity. Dropil with a trading bot. But they are vulnerable. If the underlying asset fails, then the coin fails, too.

Bolton backs the coin with a whole portfolio of assets. This is a whole new level.

Comparison with AIDUS

Recently, I reviewed the AIDUS STO. A decentralized platform with three participants – investors, asset managing companies and proprietary FX trading algorithm. There is a similarity between Bolton and AIDUS in the aspect of dual streams of income – the investment in the underlying asset (FX for AIDUS and the whole portfolio for Bolton) on one hand, and the appreciation of the coin on the other.

I like both companies and projects. If I have to choose where to put my money from the two as an investor, I will go with Bolton. Why?

If I use AIDUS, then I am giving my money to a third-party asset management company. Then this company uses AIDUS’s trading algorithms to generate profits for me on the FX market. Wait! Doesn’t it make AIDUS a middleman charging fees? Yes, it does. If it was only a platform where investors and asset management companies meet (without a proprietary product), then it would have been fine.

If I use Bolton, I am giving my money to a single company. There is no third party. And this single company is investing my money not only on the FX market, but in a variety of markets. It sounds like buying a well-diversified index. This seems much more safe for me. (Trust is required, though).

Questionable points

Bolton Coin are building their own blockchain. It is highly debatable if such a projects needs blockchain, because they are not building a trustless environment. I am pretty positive they can be running their remarkable business without it, too.

I would like to see more technical information about their mining business. For example, what kind of miners they intend to use, as the industry standard is changing rapidly. If some strategy to stay ahead of the race in the mining business had been portrayed, it would have been fine.

Building a crypto bank is present in the roadmap and scheduled for 2020. This is not mentioned or explained anywhere else, so more information about it is also needed.

Apart from that, everything else is flawless.

This is a unique ICO for many reasons:

-The company is Dubai-based, which is as authoritative as it sounds. The image of Zug, Switzerland and Russia is terrible after so many scam ICOs registered there.

-This is a working business. And it is a unique one. We have seen a lot of ICOs about either trading software-, real estate- or diamond backed cryptocurrency. But we haven’t see a company that backs its token by such a wide portfolio of assets under management.

-Unique opportunity for two streams of profit – the investment in the portfolio and the appreciation of the Bolton Coin.


I am completely mind-blown by the scope of operation of Bolton Group. And especially, by their attention even to the smallest details. The way they explain every part of their business and vision to the mass audience is remarkable and it is not a surprise that at the time of writing, the company has already raised over 62 000 000$. This project seems one of the best this year. The idea is unique, adds value to the ecosystem and looks like a safe investment. 

More Information: https://bfclcoin.com/

Whitepaper: https://bfclcoin.com/pdf/bfclcoin_en.pdf

Bolton Coin Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/KLdFPRB1sKHrZ4G3Ax8Ucw

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