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BLOG: Original Drawing: Award for a drawing that best illustrates 'Keep it Simple' by Sylvia Forest.

allyinspiritMay 4, 2021, 8:13:06 AM

For the chance to be awarded 10 Minds Tokens, artists at Minds were asked to: 

1. Listen to Sylvia's (@sylviaforest) song: 'Keep it Simple' HERE

2. Create a drawing: Traditional or contemporary, detailed or suggestive, in a medium of choice that illustrated the theme of the song.  

3. Be a member of, or join the 'ORIGINAL DRAWING' group HERE

4. Post a submission to the 'ORIGINAL DRAWING' group. 



It was impossible for me to choose one winning entry and so I've decided to award these two artists 10 Tokens each. 


'Don't go away'

'Don't go away' is a drawing by @irsanna that portrays the sentiments in @sylviaforest's song 'Keep it Simple' so beautifully.

The drawing expresses the emotions often felt in the establishment of a new relationship, when the man may want to just 'Keep it Simple' but the woman may feel an initial need to set boundaries. 


'Complex' is a drawing by @simples using black ballpoint pen.

When I look at this drawing, the more I feel it expresses a thoughtful woman with a lot of grace and composure and able to connect to and stand by her deepest values. 



ORIGINAL DRAWING has been set up for artists at Minds to share their original drawings. It's only a small group right now but with so much potential for creativity and creators.  

Hopefully this 'contest' will inspire other people here at Minds who draw, to share their artwork to this group.