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Jesus & Wisdom

AiricSep 11, 2023, 5:42:51 PM

I'm late... but just learned about Dr. Heiser's work in various topics that rarely any scholar touches and I am beyond grateful for that... RIP and see you soon sir 🙏🏾

I had to share this article by Michael S. Heiser, PhD. (Original Source: https://www.thedivinecouncil.com/JesusandWisdom.pdf)

This has been the most clarified explanation of Arianism I have ever encountered. It's officially advanced my theology and I am grateful for his work on this topic. Though his conclusion leans towards the Nicene Creed's view regarding the eternality of Wisdom, he acknowledges the moment in time when Wisdom was "brought forth" as a person (Proverbs 8:22), therefore Wisdom became another personality in the Godhead rather than existing as an attribute within the Father only. That's the key here. Prov. 8:22 + Matt. 11:19 are the scriptural foundation of Arianism. I believe this could help mend the differences between Nicene Trinitarians and Arians: