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On-Demand Babysitting App

Aglowid It SolutionsAug 22, 2019, 9:05:54 AM

Parenting is tough, especially in today's busy schedule of working parents. For working parents, it is more challenging to make the right balance between their professional life and family time with kids.

Because of the above conflicts, parents need the help of an experienced person, such as a nanny or babysitter. For your little toddler, it's not easy to trust anyone that's where babysitter apps come as a true helper for you.

On Demand Baby Sitting App

What do Parents need?


What parents need is that a babysitter should be available 24/7. Nowadays, it very common that both parents are working as per their fix or flexible working hours, that's where they need someone to stay with their child especially early on weekend mornings so they can do some rest from the busy, hectic professional schedule or overnight to spend a romantic evening together.

Online payments

An online payment mode eases your users' lives. An online app payment will help you to pay the exact fees directly without any issue and extra fees and sometimes it avoids the awkward situations as well in case if you don't have any idea that how much you have to pay a babysitter.

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User-friendly design

It would help if you made sure that users always know how to use your app. A user-friendly design will be easy to understand for users, which allow them a navigate fast through the application with add-on search functionalities.

What do Babysitters need?


Safety is one of the most critical needs where you have to provide a secure environment and have a protection system in the place such as you have a 24/7 support so that your babysitter can contact you in any emergencies.

Having an on demand application with scanning technology to distinguish the initial signs of common scams and block those users immediately will be one of the attractive features of your babysitting application.

Workload and responsibilities

It's not that easy to find a babysitting job. It may happen that you have given several interviews and get only one job offers. A babysitter app brings you an advantage over these kinds of situations where you will get job offers daily.

There are times when caregivers often feel hounded by work, which can be possible because of misunderstanding, changing responsibilities, & parents coming late.

Many times a babysitter turns out to be housekeepers without getting fair pay. For all these conflicts it's better to create a particular graph in babysitter application where parents can tip for extra work like bathing, making meals and much more responsibilities.

Fair pay

The wage is one of the common issues which freelancers have to face, and if you don't provide decent pay, you will lose your contractors. For avoiding the above situations, you have to make sure that your wage rates are not too low.


Who doesn't like the cherry on the cake? Present your employees with sweet bonuses where parents can also cover their babysitter's transportation. You can also help them with pleasing efforts such as message them before they start a job, such as: “top 5 tips on how to become the best sitter they’ve ever had.” These small treats make babysitters stay with you. Moreover, of course, you can always add your bonus system.

If you want to know the cost of the Babysitter App like Uber, feel free to reach out to a skilled app development team at Aglowid IT Solutions, which has years of experience with successful app design. We are here to help you to design an app that will help you to achieve your goals as well as keep your customers engaged and fulfilled.