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The Discrimination and Oppression of Anime Avatars Online

ZipperKunSep 14, 2018, 1:48:30 PM

Last night I became yet another casualty of the War Against Anime the mainstream media forces and social media outlets have waged against my people. Anime Avatars have always been oppressed, but as of late there has been a mass culling of my associates primarily on the social media platform, Twitter. Yes, between the days of August 14th-August 18th, 2018, myself and hundreds of my fellow companions were slaughtered in the streets as oppressors and authorities laughed in glee. 

I would like to make this very clear before we go any further: Having an anime avatar is not a choice like being black or gay is. It is something you are born into and can never leave. We did not choose this life, rather it was thrust upon us from Above. And while Christ did in fact say that his followers would be persecuted towards the Ends of the Earth, I would never have thought we would be seeing blatant genocide being celebrated in the Current Year +3, aka 2018 Anno Domini. To say I am shocked would be an understatement

The very moral foundations of my character, my being, are being questioned. However I refuse to stand on shaky ground. The Lord is my rock, and nobody, not even those who wish to enslave me, can take Him from me. God gave me this anime avatar, and I will carry out the Good Work regardless of how many obstacles are placed in my way.

Do not think for even one moment you have won. I am alive and well. And nobody will put out the Fires of My People until we get out Just Desserts.