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@Room 213: I Have a Dream

WulffHumanMar 30, 2016, 1:04:49 PM

I am becoming dangerous.

Not that I haven't always been 

The accumulation of all

The best attributes of my Mother and Father

Some bad too.

The wisdom to know 

What serves.

I used to fight in my dreams

An anger without means

I still fight in my dreams 

But now I use my mind

I am growing 

Into knowing

The Universe 

And I.

That makes me 

More dangerous than ever

A thinking man.

Well I never,

Though always have

Battled to control

Seeking  illusion

A conscript confined 

The universe unwinds

To provide

Into the great divide

Response to rhythm

Free of derision?

I think not

Deniers of reality

And the ability 

To create.