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Minds Censorship...?

WilliamsStrangeFestJun 22, 2019, 3:12:34 PM

I  remember my first post that was censored on facebook, it was Axl Rose grabbing a half naked dancer's boob on stage. Axl was having a good time, facebook and censorship fanatics weren't though? It was deleted and I was told by facebook that next time I would be given ban for a matter of days? This is facebook though and many went to minds to escape this kind of censorship, now Minds is worse than facebook? 3 strikes and everything is censored? Letting a jury judge if Axl grabbing an exposed boob is an evil thing, pornography is one thing,  but how about exposed breasts, exposed penises or vaginas? How about nudity in paintings or cartoons? Those trip some people out, even when partially covered up. Minds has entered the world of censorship fueled by the religious alternative right that have come to Minds fleeing a different form of censorship, political in nature from facebook.

Is Samantha in the photo here violating someone? She's bending over topless for your enjoyment,  some get made about this, or it's a sin? What if someone who doesn't like my political posts and see's one of my posts that contain adult nudity? This person will report me till all my posts are censored? The Minds team has given the censorship advocates a tool, and not with just adult nudity? And this goes back and forth, I don't like you or your posts, I'll report you so you get censored? They won't unsubscribe or leave the group, they will fuck you over till you're censored. It's facebook all over again, giving into the people that like to rat other people out?

Let's ban together against Mind's Censorship, Don't be a rat? No matter what your beliefs are, when you get jury duty, acquit/not guilty (unless it's something heinous)

- WilliamsStrangeFest