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Dream Interpretations 101

VonYugenOct 17, 2018, 5:31:41 AM

    When we dream this is our body's way of healing, most dreams are bad dreams for this reason, even though the ones which seem good like a sex dream are still sorting through difficulties in your life usually having to do with lack of sex.

    There are 3 types of dreams.

    Type 1 is simply going over the days events, your struggles, your hopes and dreams, evaluating your situation, assessing your fears and figuring out your next move.

    Type 2 are communication dreams, in the alpha brain wave state people can communicate from long distances as the brain waves are much lower in frequency and simple making it easier to understand.

    Type 3 is recall. We are able to remember things we have long forgotten or repressed; one can even remember past lives and circumstances experienced. Recall is very rare however, communications happen almost nightly but usually just a brief connection usually to someone thinking of you at that moment. But each night we mostly just go over the days events, and there is a very defining language which is almost universally used and understood despite where you come from or how old you are. One can know exactly what your dream means with just a little training.

    So today I'm going to go over some of the most common types of dreams and this will help you assess your own dreams in the future.

    One of the more common dreams are the (flying) dreams. This can manifest as jumping very high, the language is set so that they are many people around you, and you are showing off your incredible skill of flying or jumping extremely high, in this dream no one else can do this but you, you are special in this regard and are admired for it and you are proud of it. This dream is regarding your "confidence" in your wakeful state. You are proud of your skills and ability and others admire you for it. These dreams will often accompany metaphors explaining what exactly you are so confident about as well, this is one of the few good dreams you will have even though it's stress induced; truth is you will eventually be worried that you cant keep it up forever and start to fall, what goes up, must come down.

    But rather than explain all the details about each dream metaphor I'll just write a clearly defined list which you wont see anywhere else, not in any book, not on any website. This information came from decades of dream study and you can trust what I tell you. Don't let books and web sites confuse the subject, in reality very few people fully understand dream analogy even psychologists.

    (Your house) = Your world, your life, your house is you, and everyone in it are parts of you unless they are real people in your life then that represents those people in your life, but if they are people you don't know in your house then they represent parts of you.

     (fire) = "Passion"

    (Ghosts) = "Ghosts are a representation of a part of you which lingers but remains hidden. Things you are not proud of, things you don't want others to know, things you struggle with, but just cant seem to get rid of." These are typically personality traits which may be disturbing and can be disturbed.

    (Teeth falling out) = "Depends on which ones. The molars are things which should be secure in your life, like death of someone you need or relationship falling apart, the front teeth are for things which people see first, more superficial things but still things you depend on."

    (Water) = "These are your emotions, are the waters still? Not likely, they are more likely crashing waves which you may feel like you are drowning in."

    (Sex/hugging/kissing/genitals) = This can be complex -"Sexual intercourse for young men is quite common and if you climax this is your body telling you that you are of age and need to start spreading your seed, it is a biological program. For women it means you have found a stable secure relationship with someone and should now begin nesting. Older men who have completed the nesting process and their wives no longer want sex like they once did will have sex dreams where they cannot climax no matter how hard they try. This means 'sexual frustration.' If you know your partner the dream is about them, if not the dream is simply saying this is about 'sex' in general terms which is most common. Often times the message isn't about sex, if you are not having intercourse then it isn't about sex. For example a penis for a man is a representation for the ego. If you see a penis in a dream it will be accompanied by someone you know. What do they do with the penis tells you what about the ego. You stroking their penis means you are massaging their ego in normal life. If they put a condom on this would mean they are protecting their ego in life. Kissing means romantic infatuation, hugging means true love. Or just general nakedness means you feel vulnerable in a particular place. Could be at school, work, or with someone.

    (Darkness) = "Means you lack knowledge, you don't know about something you feel like you should."

    (Brilliant light) = "Means great knowledge, sometimes this can be accompanied by an explosion of sorts which would then represent powerful knowledge, it is the amount of knowledge and the value of it represented to you."

    (Running from something scary) = "This means what you would probably think it means, you are struggling with something that you can't stop, and you know it will never go away." We can also break this down further, into the fact that our greatest fears are things we can't get away from, and that thing is the truth. The truth will always be there waiting for you, we wrap ourselves up in lies for protection and we can easily escape a lie, a lie cant haunt us, only the truth can.  The thing chasing you might represent what the truth is but the bottom line is always going to come back for you, it is always going to be a threat to you.

    And there are thousands more metaphors but understanding the way the mind works helps unlock the meanings and if you can understand why the brain uses this language then you can learn to interpret your own dreams and remember that what we feel in the dream is also a part of its meaning, though the experience may have nothing to do with the meaning as well, this is something that requires some pondering.

    Dreams speak to us just like we speak any language, speaking in chronological order. One event after another often having little or nothing to do with the first because the visual imagery is all metaphorical but its interpretations all go together. I'll give a quick example a dream my daughter told me the other day.

    I was in my house, not this house, but a house which was mine none the less. There were 2 other children in there, a young boy and a young girl. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, it was covered in fur, I tried to pick off the fur, but there was too much. The girl was with me, she was an annoying immature little brat and made fun of me. So the scene changes and I see my mother sitting on a chair, I go to her and sit on her lap, when I do the chair breaks and I fall and get hurt. The scene changes again, the boy in my dream dies in a brilliant explosion but I wasn't sad, I was happy.

    So in this dream, her house is her world, everything within has to do with her, the children are separate parts of her equal but opposite.The girl represents her body or physical, the boy represents the spiritual side. The girl represents the way she treats herself, the mirror represents the way she sees herself, the fur on the mirror which is actually fuzz represents that she sees herself in a fuzzy way, or in other words a distorted way. She will never let herself see herself in a truthful light. So what does she do to correct the image problem she has? She goes to her mother for support, (a chair represents support) but when she does what happens to the chair? It breaks, because her mother didn't give her what she needs to correct the problem. (In real life, her mother is a compulsive image freak, she obsessively has to be the ultimate person, she excels in everything she does, she never stops or relaxes, she needs to be respected and admired and goes through great lengths to get this. Her children are part of this image and it greatly disturbs her when her children fall short of her expectations of them. She strives for perfection and expects her children to do the same. Our daughter who had this dream has pretty serious issues with image as well, she feels like she can never live up to the expectations mother has of her. Often we do things we think are good for our children but are actually very destructive. Her mother did the same to her as well.) Anyway moving forward the scene changes and the boy then dies in a brilliant explosion, in this dream the boy is her religion and through self discovery she realized the truth of her religion, that it was actually false, thus dying in a brilliant explosion of wisdom and knowledge freeing herself from herself. (in real life she has been reading up on the other side to her born religion and realized the religion she was taught to believe actually isn't true at all.

    But then sometimes we have dreams which don't use any such dream language at all, These are typically your recall dreams, I have worked with people struggling to understand their meaning only to find out it is a past life memory or even an alien abduction, or a traumatic time in their childhood coming through.Repressed or long forgotten memories can come through if it is important to recall.

    Communication dreams often have a different subtext and thus will use traditional dream language to communicate sentences and feelings to others during their sleep. I think we all know when someone is thinking of us. I've had a guy I've never met in person, but one who I have spoken to on the internet tell me they had a dream about me and tells me in detail exactly what I had done while on vacation the week before which nobody could have known, I never posted anything or that I was even going. But he didn't know where I was exactly just described all the buildings and people and circumstances each day I was there. Subconsciously we really are all connected on a deep level whether we like it or not, we are telepathic in this regard.

    Anyway, hope some of this helps, if you have any further questions I'd be happy to help, just post your questions in the comments section and I'll get back to you.