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Facebook Users Should Seriously Consider Using Minds.com Instead

VISION LAUNCHJun 30, 2016, 11:38:31 AM

Minds.com is a social media networking site which would have to be characterized as the antithesis of Facebook. Minds basically took all the issues that people do not like about Facebook, both operationally and philosophically, and fixed them. Minds was only formally launched in June of 2015 and is still in beta mode. Even so, the network has gained significant traction from an extremely loyal subscriber base.  Here is just one Minds user’s feelings about the site but it is the typical sentiment of many of their users, myself included:

“I haven’t left Facebook, but only because it’s my only connection to much of my family. The truth is, Facebook is manipulated. The information you receive is censored, twisted, and aggressive. A person’s deep, intellectual thoughts on life are lost in the trends of the moment. Social media has the potential to be the digital nervous system of the entire human species. Social media can connect the entire planet and bring various cultural traditions and philosophies to a place where all can comprehend. I came to Minds.com looking for this concept, and have absolutely found it.” – @stoneman2103

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