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The Selfish Reason People Want More Geniuses

Unquiet ContentionSep 2, 2020, 8:13:33 PM

The Selfish Reason People Want More Geniuses

Let me start by crushing your romantic view of the genius. Geniuses are not generally nice people to be around. They've got a lot of problems of their own, ranging from eventual psychosis, to mania, to addiction to substances and task solving to a point of exhaustion and possibly even death if they don't have a support bubble of people around them at all times.

Most suffer with socially crippling autism of one sort or another which can cause them to lose even more control. All of this to humble the Hollywood vision of the genius.

They're brilliant creatures worthy of praise when they produce results, but are as easily drawn into delusional thinking, like the rest of us, except our delusions come from society and their delusions come from their own heads.

They become obsessed with the reality within their heads so much so that regular reality becomes a problem. I've seen it happen in people of above average intelligence too, but it's quite common in this group too.

To summarise, geniuses are people who are broken, peak of their prime, top levels of intelligent and most valuable, and most likely to innervate, but we ignore a number of problems. 1. Society both says it wishes to innovate but then offers a maximal resistance to innovation of any kind. 2. Geniuses are treated god awfully by society before their genius is known, often causing fatality in many would-be famous geniuses. and 3. Society's reasons for wanting geniuses are extremely, blatantly selfish.

On point 1, society wishes for incremental change to an existing system. Geniuses wish to either staple on a completely new aspect to the system, smooth it down and graft it onto it seamlessly, never quite being satisfied with the product, or they wish to upend the known information and create a new system all together. Either way, society does not like that behaviour.

Innovations of the first kind are expensive and mean a lot of funding has to be given out. Innovations of the second kind spit in the face of years of known information. Both aren't supported by society or science without, at least today, extreme systematic resistance. Make no mistake, the pier review system is a hoax to filter out revolutionary thinking, in other words, to slow the tides of change that come from geniuses within the system, to smooth it out.

The result of that is that geniuses are without a home, ignored and... Well... Persuaded to stop writing ultimately. That is it's goal. This is only one example of academic exclusion they face at universities and in wider society. Again, most geniuses are autistic, and in general are exploited more often, are attacked and derided more often, and are far too honest for their own good, though they are functionally helpless to it. It is how they are.

Final point I will make is on why society wants them. They're a punching bag. You wheel them out, beat on them and put them back, almost in a high-school jock sort of way, beating them up for them actually doing your homework. We want what they give us, but we beat them into a pulp for giving it.

Lower IQ individuals don't understand their innovations, and see them as a waste of time, higher IQ than that, around the 110s to 126, think they're cocky arseholes and feel jealous of them, so socially, politically and financially punish them. Other geniuses hate each other. It's a tough and lonely life for them.

Society shouldn't crave the creation of more of them, because they're broken people. We should treat them with respect, with maturity, listen to what they're saying and try to understand, acting as a guiding role where possible without dragging them down. And maybe allow in some of their ideas, it might kill off the stagnation we've been going through for the past sixty years.

Thanks for reading.


Oh, and if anyone asks, I'm not a genius. But I am a person who thinks a lot about intelligence and in general about topics such as these. I've faced a lot of problems with school of one kind or another, and have been the smartest kid in one class and nearly the dumbest in another. I've been an academic failure and an academic success at different times in my life.

I've worked the low-wage shitty jobs and even spent some time unemployed before becoming a student again. I've been all over the judged intelligence spectrum, so I'm estimating a little here, but I know what function a genius serves, and I see it sorely lacking in modern academia.

I thought it may help to share my perspective.