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Stop Virtue Signalling For Terrorism

Unquiet ContentionJun 5, 2020, 11:57:51 PM

Today, I logged into one of the many games I frequently play to find a big bold page saying "Black Lives Matter" and instantly knew what was going on. The virtue signallers were out in force. Before the start of every game, it would flash up that message.

I got to thinking, for perhaps a second, about why this was. Then I realised that all of the companies, game companies, etc. were based in cities, and that many of the cities of their HQs were being firebombed, destroyed, looted and pillaged in the name of a political movement that we, the politically focused, have had our eye on for years.

Let me clear something up: I think no one, regardless of race should be killed via the use of force by anyone, police, fireman, postman or old man down the road. No one should have to be killed, in an ideal world. But I'm a realist and I'm fully aware that tragedy strikes, and that eventually the dam breaks. People will riot, and if we don't control the riots, further tragedy has and will continue to strike. 

To put it simply, the companies are shit scared of being looted and destroyed.

Now, I'm in England, why should I speak about this? Well, the riots, for a reason I wish I could pretend I didn't know. The riots are here, in England. The reason, by the way, is internationalism, globalism, whatever you want to call it, even use its fruity fun name if you feel fancy and call it "multiculturalism." 

Either way, the problem remains: there is a massive level of parasitism that feeds between nations and drains them of their vital essence for the promise of "goodness" and "equality" when in reality, the movements simply enslave your mind and make you dim to the reality of the situation; these are not the colonies, you are not a slave and you, nor your parents nor their parents were ever slaves. 

In my ancestry, I have both slaver and slave DNA, we all do, know why? Reality was harsher five hundred, six hundred years ago. The world isn't a nice place, and making people feel like they're victims isn't exactly a kind act either. Enslavement of the mind is precisely what's going on here. 

I know it when I see it, because I've found many a person with this mind parasite, the multicultural victim ideology. And guess what? They're anxious and miserable. 

All of that aside, what these companies are doing is simply supporting a terrorist organisation, because they are in fact heavily affiliated with Antifa. Antifa are terrorists. There is no disputing it. Black Block are a terrorist movement and ALL of them have come out during the protests. 

Stop supporting a shell movement for a terrorist organisation, and more importantly, let me, a (if we shall indeed play the Identity Politics game for a moment) mixed race, half Middle-Eastern-Half-British person who has friends from all walks of life, all nationalities, many races, and who has talked to people with ease regardless of race for literally my entire life, how to think about black people.

BLM have blood on their hands, they have a lot of blood on their hands, and a lot of livelihoods have been destroyed because of these bastards. You justify their violence at your own risk. It's a very dangerous game to play. First you justify violence, then murder. 

Do not insult my intelligence, and do not insult the intelligence of the fine people of this world. And stop supporting a terrorist insurrection, you fucking commies.

Thanks for listening.