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Dear World Economic Forum Leftists…

Unquiet ContentionNov 17, 2020, 1:16:05 AM

I caught wind of your proposed plan for a “Great Reset.” I used to think in a very similar way to those who wrote it. Baring in mind, at the time I was fourteen and knew very little about the world. I am 24 now and understand still very little, but I think I understand a little more than my fourteen-year-old self. These ten years have served me moderately well, I would say.

Okay… Where to begin. I will tackle the simplest one here. Meat: you want us to eat less meat. Okay, I can get behind that. I don’t eat meat every day, I would not, however, propose any kind of law to enforce the regulation of the consumption of meat. I think that’s wrong, and truthfully, that is what you are supposing. That scares me, and you may say “fear is an animal response” and you are of course right, because I, as you, am an animal. Our feelings tell us something is wrong, and it is indeed wrong because, well, you’re wrong to think you can herd us.

I told you I was an animal, but I am not a sheep or some cattle. I am human, the human animal, and you cannot control me like one. Do not let my outer calmness deceive you, if you come for me or mine, I will act as an animal. If you tell me not to eat animals, I will defend my right to eat meat to the bitter end. 

Economy, okay. You want to reset the economy. Draw a line in the sand, remove all debt. Right, you don’t understand how the economy works. Debt is the representation of ownership. If I give you a thing and I ask for it back, you are indebted to give me it back. When we are talking about money, this also applies. It may not be paper cash, but you owe me the value of that thing in currency.

Contrary to what leftists and useful overly libertarian people like to say, money exists. Good luck buying food with good intentions. To some extent, I agree, cash does not physically exist, and it is calculated by whoever runs the economy of the system, but it is still used, it is still useful, and it is still transferable. And no, because it is based on the individual’s faith in the currency, that does not mean it is baseless, because unlike what 14 year old me, and mid 20s to 30s you would say, not everything based in faith is fake. 

In fact, as I grew up, I learned that a rampant New-atheistic approach to theology isn’t useful, and that a more pragmatic and not sceptical, but critical view of many things is valid. Perhaps critique for the sake of honesty is something that you may benefit from? Maybe don’t try to postmodern yourself out of every difficult problem to solve, and there is no more difficult problem to solve than that of economic balancing and the generation of wealth from what you perceive as “thin air” but what people who are a little more mature than that see as approximate growth or speculative value. Is it a thing we can touch? No. It is a matter of careful calculations and budgeting rather than “thin air.”

Now, the Star Trek future of no fossil fuels, sending people to space, organ creation etc. I am all for that. That is the future I want to create… eventually. You do that through market forces. I know, you do not believe in the market but trust me, that is how we got there in the first place. 3D printing technologies got cheap and accurate enough that we could generate human organs for donors. 

Elon Musk created a superior cargo delivery system through the use of technological innovations, by offering a service, to the point that our space industry globally has accelerated by maybe 25+ years. He took us out of space-stagnation and into the stratosphere and he will take us beyond. 

You get the future you want by doing nothing. The men and women who do the work in their various fields create products, and you buy them, and they become cheaper. In other words, capitalism solves your problem for you. We do not need an autocratic system reset. We do not need the death of privacy. We do not need the death of the individual, and truthfully, that is what you need to understand that you are actually aiming to create, a hive-system, in other words, a commune. 

Your fluffy cuddly words do not trick me. You want to tear down the system and institute an autocratic system where nobody owns anything, and you always have wanted this exact system. Now, since it is 2020, you’re giving us a 20:20 peak at your plan. I will have no part in it. I do not want to live in your cashless, person-less society. 

I would sooner live as a hermit in the woods than I would live under your rule, and in fact, that prospect looks more and more appealing by the day. 

Your future is ugly. It stinks of snake oil and lies. It is coloured red with the blood of the non-compliant. It doesn’t respect me, and I don’t respect it. It is childish and I will oppose it every step I can. 

Our system has flaws. One big flaw is voter fraud. You don’t fix that by revoking the vote. You similarly do not remove our economic problems by killing our economy. There’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater, then there is instituting a rule of law that says all babies must be thrown out with the bath water and those found to be non-compliant will be shot in the head.

And don’t think I haven’t been watching you people, either. I have, very closely. I have watched as you turned our entertainment media into woke rubbish. I watched as you turned out universities into institutions of Marxist propaganda ala peak Weimar. I watched as you ripped apart the institutions of history. 

I watched as you broke the narrative system of the common people. I watched as you tried to kill science by inserting low-IQ, low-producing scientists into the system, posing as full blown scientists and lowered the degree requirements to the point of absurdity, to the point where someone like me, an anti-education reject can enter the system and surprise them by my fresh outlook on situations and my enthusiasm. 

It’s a very, very dark day when the reluctant student is elevated to the level of innovator and provider of fresh outlooks on systems, as a visionary, because YOUR people drained the life out of the subject so much that the poor tutors are amazed when they see someone with any level of flare in their voice and love in their heart for what they do and can do. 

I hate education in its current form. It has twisted and tortured me all of my life, and yet even I, a scientist-by-soul and a thinker-by-heart can see through your utter nonsense. I am the one your system, and yes, it is YOUR progressive education system, has tried to destroy, and I am the one your system you completely failed to. 

My blood will always be hot, and I will fight you until the bitter end in MY house that I OWN. I see your 2030 vision and I raise you the image of a freer society, free of your people’s tyrannical rule, a society with more love in it than ever before. A society where people will move away from your toxic, choking cities which are thick with the smog of ideological pollution and the thick smoke of fires caused by your “peaceful protestors” and live away from the toxic likes of you.

Do not pretend you love people, you despise us. You hate the freedom we have, the love we have, the fears and the hopes we have, because you may be of flesh and blood, but you are not human. You are snakes of the lowest order, dressed in the skins of men and women, living with ideological mind parasites that make you think you are better than us. You are not. 

I have seen your utopia, and I spit upon it. I damn it to the darkest corner of hell. 

May freedom reign forever more and may your dark shadow never darken our door any more.

Your Advisory Always,

                                         Unquiet Contention