The official Minds page for The Twin Suns Foundation
This is the official Minds account for the Twin Suns Foundation. An Arizona based non profit dedicated to spread reading and literacy through Star Wars. We do this by donating Star Wars books to Hospitals Libraries and Schools. If you would like to learn more about us, what we do, and how you can support us you can visit our website
As we are currently sitting at $530.00 raised of our $1,350 goal, we still need your donation to make these events successful! If you have the means, please head over to our website, . Typically we are able to bring one book for every $10.00 donated to these events! $10.00 will also get you the chance to let us know which book you would prefer we bring with us! If you prefer not to do an online donation, we do take check donations made out to Twin Suns Foundation and mailed to the following address: Twin Suns Foundation 2017 E. Pinto Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85296 To help push this along towards our goal, Twin Suns Foundation Board of Directors are going to be matching all donations up to the next $250.00! This will get us within striking range of our goal! Two weeks left! Let's make it happen everyone!
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