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Those Who Propose Hate Speech Laws Should Be Criminally Charged With Hate Speech

TsaiOct 29, 2016, 5:13:53 PM

Many free speech defenders would say something along the lines of "I would defend to the death my worst enemy's right to preach hate against me."  

That's fine and all, except when these people are actively lobbying to take away your right to speak freely.

Don't be a fool. Do not defend the rights and freedoms of your enemies if they are actively undermining your rights and freedoms. In fact, you should retaliate in equal measure. You are not taking the moral high ground by defending their freedom to attack your liberty. Morality does not require you to be a pacifist chump destined to receive incoming blows without fighting back.

What you do unto others, others may do unto you. The Law of Universality dictates that you may attack the freedom of anybody who attacks your freedom. If they pass a hate-speech law to shut you up, then you shall use such law to shut them up.

Do Islamists want you jailed for criticizing Islam? Retaliate by banding together and hiring an expensive lawyer to prosecute the Islamists for criticizing Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or Athiesm. In fact, go ahead and prosecute anybody whom you disagree with just to drive home this point: either we all defend freedom of speech or nobody has it. Don't be a chump. Don't defend those who want you jailed. Attack them with their own laws and be absolutely ruthless.

Do illegal immigrants from third world countries want to infiltrate your country and force you, at gunpoint, to house, clothe and feed them? Okay. Fine. Elect a politician who will march them onto a boat, at gunpoint, and send them back where they came from. If no freedom for you, then no freedom for them.

Those who insist that it is wrong to fight fire with fire have no understanding of morality. The Law of Universality forms the core truth of morality. In other words,  it is morally reprehensible for me to allow one group of people to attack you while simultaneously prohibiting you from retaliating. If you are truly moral, you will stop denouncing those who fight back. In fact, you should join them.