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Artist Creates Detailed Sand Sculptures That Look So Real That People Confuse Them With Live Animals

Truth TheoryMay 23, 2020, 3:56:54 PM

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

If you are an artist, the world is your canvas. And this sand artist took the phrase literally. After realizing the amazing artistic gift he has, he dedicated 10 years of his life to perfect his craft.

The saying is true that once you get the artistic vision, there’s no way you can stop yourself. It pours out of you! Andoni Bastarrika stands in the line of artists that aspire for more and get satisfaction only when they see their art come to life.

Snakes, sharks, leopards, bulls, you name it, Bastarrika has built them all using just sand!

The sand artist discovered his passion accidentally back in 2010, when he was trying to entertain his young baby girls. He sculpted a mermaid, and he enjoyed the process so much that he knew this was what he wanted to devote all his energy to.

He said that he discovered the fluid nature of sand particles and the way they learn.

Bastarrika was fascinated to learn the craft of sand art. Sand consists of tiny particles of rubbles, but when it is crafted and molded, it can take the shape of anything you want.

The sand artist further commented on his art saying that once he makes the artwork, he leaves them unprotected in nature. And slowly the breeze breaks the artwork down, so that the sand particles can unite back with the ground.

The sand artist explained his passion for his craft saying that the unity of the sand particles is what inspires him. He believes that human beings should take a lesson or two from nature and learn to unite.

The main reason why this sand artist makes animals his muse is because he thinks that animals are closer to nature, and so, they possess deeper wisdom of life that us humans don’t.

Animals come into the world nude and leave the world nude. It reminds Bastarrika of the power and freedom that comes with living.

The sand artist refuses to clothe or give any piece of artificial accessory to his sand animals. He believes that nude animals, unlike humans, are in touch with nature. And he would rather not cover the natural glory of the animals.

The process of creation depends on the size of the artwork. Larger animals sometimes take 24 hours or even more at times. Smaller animals take around 7 hours. Bastarrika first gives his artwork a basic shape, after which he takes a sharp object to create small details. And the sand animals come to life!

Andoni Bastarrika represents artists that are interdisciplinary. He envisions what he wants to create and lets his hand flow free. What we can learn from this sand artist is that, like everything in this world, art too belongs to nature.

The temporariness of the artworks doesn’t take away anything from it. If anything, it adds glory to it. So, the next time you visit a beach, maybe you can give sand art a try!

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Image Credits: Andoni Bastarrika

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