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Political correctness will be the end of the Western Civilization

TrexSAMay 20, 2019, 11:12:31 AM

The politically correct culture of today is creating a undeniable divide between sex, race, culture, religion and age groups, which basically means everyone is in some or other way biased towards a group of people. Socialist verses capitalist ideologies, arguments between the haves and have-nots, intolerance of the difference of opinions between educated and illiterate. Hate speech is probably one of the biggest discussion points to date plagued with controversy and disagreement. The prioritization of collectivism over individualism taking on group or social identities and restricting freedom of thought. Collectivism whether on the left or the right seems to be plagued with hatred for anyone with a different opinions. This closes any further discourse or debate from any centrist parties. Calling people Nazi’s because they dare speak out against abortion, which has no correlation with race. I mean how stupid is this argument, but this is where we are at this time in the world. The irony is that all over the world there seems to be an anti-white and anti-male sentiment, which is starting to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Radical leftist and social justice warriors have been isolating groups of people, attacking them for any attempt at freedom of expression or even defense of themselves. Now lets be very clear this is not a race thing since the majority of the hatred against whites come from other whites, stupid isn’t it. White social justice warriors are so intent on proving they aren’t prejudice against other groups, that they end up being racist and sexist towards people of the same race or sex. This is clear if you look at antifa who seem to be majority white calling black Trump supporters racists. If you keep on telling someone they look sick, do they eventually start feeling sick? If you continuously kick a dog does it eventually turnaround and bite you? Is the left creating this group of Nazi’s they continuously refer to. Anyone with a different opinion is a bigot and racist. Lets not forget about the generalization and stereotyping of males as rapists. Words or phrases like nazi, racist, bigot, white supremacist, sexual harassment and homophobia have lost it’s meaning. It’s become so commonly used that it has no impact. Being called a nazi use to be the worst thing on earth and now it has no substance. The story about the “boy who cried wolf” comes to mind. South Africa has been experiencing this for 26 years even though the vast majority of whites voted against apartheid in the nineteen nineties. This has been overshadowed by the 1994’s first “democratic” election where all races where allowed to vote. This wasn’t the first time people of color were allowed to vote in South Africa, like the left wants you to believe. I like to think of South Africa as the tests case for the left and globalism. The endgame is communism and has never been hidden by the ANC. Democracy is the preliminary to socialism which isn’t sustainable so governments turn to communism to control the people through violence. So if you don’t speak out soon, this is your future Europe and America. Political correctness will be the end of the Western civilization that build all we have. The Nationalist-populist movements are growing because name calling has become like Sticks and stones. Governments and establishments like the European union are set on the leftist and globalist agenda which is fueling a rebellion. Brewing underneath the surface of every person stripped of their freedom of thought and expression. There is no middle ground anymore, your either left or right, no matter what your race, sex or religion, so it’s looks like we are forced to choose a side. Forced to get involved in arguments you never have gotten involved in, speaking out for people you don’t like.