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First minds.com insults us by showing in the face posts of MINDLESS asshoels whom we have already blocked and that too in the minds top lists, and if you down vote their sick posts, you get slapped by fake down vote count, thats called " shadow banning"; and over that you are not allowed to counter argue and prove their sickness by commenting there since those primitive apes have already blocked you in the fear that their idiocy might get exposed.

So in short Minds.com is useless for us intellectual titans if we also want to keep our self respect. Basically here B S garbage people get to reach the sheeple through token paid boosting and those posts get upvoted to make it in the tops lists and then more sheeple subscribe those useless Garbage channels and the madness keep growing on exponentially, as time progresses this place is becoming a shithole troll den  for mindless humans.

Thus i am steadily losing interest in this website, as i also look out for better alternative social if any designed to uphold intellectuals and mindfulness.