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Google & Facebooks IOT MEM integrated systems

The Daily DialecticJan 19, 2019, 11:47:56 AM

Patent numbers in reference are:

Deployment in line of sight communication networks
US20180013491A1, US20160134373A1

Association in LOS Communications Networks:
US20170223605A1, EP3018862A1, EP3018862B1

Alignment in line of sight communications networks:
US20180062741A1, US20160134372A1, US9661552B2

Generating recommended search queries on online social networks (BETA-WIreless-Power transmission development):

Quasi-wireless communication system:

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Upon investigating googles sommerfeld-goubau launchers stemming from the impression that its wave form would enable wireless power to embedded MicroElectroMechanical systems. It was confirmed that the launchers are not only capable of emitting a microwave frequencies that are capable of just that, but are also a highlight of development in the BIOMEMs field for the past 2 decades. It was also found that Facebooks line of sight systems work in conjunction with its google counterpart.

Both having been developed under the guise of an IOT communications network are being constructed with no attention from the public over the past couple of years, 2017 - 2018 being the year of the final patent approvals. The LOS system can receive the dense wave form then disperse it in a uniquely precise fashion. Both are capable of ultra low, microwave, up to THZ frequencies depending on ambient conditions and intention of dispersal.

The connection was originally made in part due to the fact that both Googles Launchers and Facebooks Line-of-Sight system is built by Karthik Yogeeswaran. Karthik has specialized in the transmission of electromagnetic surface waves, microwave communications techniques as well as power state determination of a device via wireless detection. The CO-inventor of facebooks LOS systems, Yael G Miguire, is also the Director Of Engineering at Facebook. Yael specializes in the study of physics pertaining to powering and communicating with micro-scale devices embedded in brain tissue

Googles Patent #US10044442B2, is described in it's abstract as:

"A method for delivering a communication signal is disclosed. The method includes receiving, at an optical transceiver, an optical communication and constructing, at a baseband integrated circuit in communication with the optical transceiver, a radio frequency communication (e.g., the intermediate frequency data and control signals) based on the optical communication. The method also includes transmitting the radio frequency communication from a Sommerfeld-Goubau launcher in communication with the baseband integrated circuit as a surface wave along a power line to a strand mount device disposed on the power line. The strand mount device is configured to receive the radio frequency communication and wirelessly transmit the radio frequency communication (e.g., via a wireless link) to a user device."

in light of the fact that power lines emmit EM radiation, it seems the choice was made to install the tech on power lines. the process will be laid out in the patents, Quasi-Wireless Communication System:

The Launchers propagate ambient electromagnetic radiation via 2 conical "launchers" placed on the powerlines.

               Launcher Setup:

between these launchers is a wave guide, depicted here:

goubau waveform:

The Depictions provided from the patent documentaion

The wave guide allows the propagated EM radiation to be transmitted in ranges up to a terahertz microwave frequency. Sommerfeld goubau is originally a single wire transmission technology. In the 1950s a gentlemen named george goubau added a waveguid mechanism in between the 2 conical emitters/receivers.Since, it has been close to the chest within the DOD ad government projects. As of late google has found implementations for it. Not only can it transmit wireless energy if met with a line of sight receiver, which facebook has built, it is capable of xray type viewing, interferometry,and a plethora of other uses.


Notice that the facebook and Google Patents have shared the inventor between them; Karthik Yogeeswaran. Upon investigating how a goubau wave can produce wireless power, it would need to be met with a line of sight receiver. the patents are put forth under the guise of expediting larger more strenuous data transfer in a precise manner. no doubt it indeed can and will do exactly that, there are many applications for this tech.

Their LOS system involves a square perimeter designated by tranceivers, generally 4 creating a square grid. Essentially it seems as if the LOS receivers create a perimeter in which they can emit and maintain a central frequency radius. the Domed emitter seems to push out a series of frequencies with much smaller radii that are directed to positions by way of traversing along the curvature of the central emission.

Their LOS system involves a square perimeter designated by tranceivers, generally 4 creating a square grid. Essentially it seems as if the LOS receivers create a perimeter in which they can emit and maintain a central frequency radius. the Domed emitter seems to push out a series of frequencies with much smaller radii that are directed to positions by way of traversing along the curvature of the central emission.

For Pantent information & display see:

As confirmation of facebooks systems ability to interact with microwave frequencies i will cite this:

"For example, fog 2905 may be impenetrable at optical wavelengths, but not a microwave wavelengths. Accordingly, nodes 2910 a and 2910 b may switch to another communication medium (e.g., microwave) until the condition abates." Facebook has a previous patent describing its method power generation from receiving a wireless transmission of THz Microwave frequencies. "Generating recommended search queries on online social networks US8949250B1" " Antennae 134A-B are components that convert electric current into radio waves, and vice versa. During transmission of signals, a transmitter applies an oscillating radio frequency (RF) electric current to terminals of antenna 134A-B, and antenna 134A-B radiates the energy of the applied the current as electromagnetic (EM) waves. During reception of signals, antennae 134A-B convert the power of an incoming EM into a voltage at the terminals of antennae 134A-B. The voltage may be transmitted to a receiver for amplification."


"Wireless Power Transmission Using Magnetic Resonance"

"1.3 INTENDED GOALS Our primary goal was to be able to wirelessly transfer power (in watts) of an AC oscillating waveform into a DC voltage on the receiving end, which could be used to power an electrical load (in watts) to demonstrate instantaneous power transfer. To do this, we intended to design a tunable oscillator capable of generating frequency in the RF band (1MHZ –20 MHz) and a power amplifier to supply enough power to be transmitted for powering the electrical load. In addition to this, we also intended to demonstrate the evanescent waves by the illustration of an exponential relationship of power transmitted to the receiver as a function of distance of separation between the receiver and transmitter coils"

Indicating that Facebook has made strides in recent history towards exactly my claim with their LOS systems that were produced just after that patent. really the connections between the 2 are in small number as far as the patents describe. they're not supposed to known to interoperate, however, the fundamentals alone suggest that the 2 are capable of interacting with each other in lieu of wireless energy transmission. The few key tells within them are spread thin. Facebook for instance has around 9 patents for the system, each having minor almost unnoticeable differences. this is not a quick read kind of thing.

History of development of Sommerfeld-Goubau systems

the CO-inventor however i had not looked into until tonight, Yael G Miguire. Yael G Miguire is the Director Of Engineering at Facebook. Her display publcation on Yael G Miguires Linkedin


"Physical Principles for Scalable Neural Recording"

"Simultaneously measuring the activities of all neurons in a mammalian brain at millisecond resolution is a challenge beyond the limits of existing techniques in neuroscience. Entirely new approaches may be required, motivating an analysis of the fundamental physical constraints on the problem. We outline the physical principles governing brain activity mapping using optical, electrical,magnetic resonance, and molecular modalities of neural recording. Focusing on the mouse brain, we analyze the scalability of each method, concentrating on the limitations imposed by spatiotemporal resolution, energy dissipation, and volume displacement. We also study the physics of powering and communicating with micro-scale devices embedded in brain tissue."

One reason Goubau systems have been developed over the past few decades is because it is ideal for microelectromechanical systems, MEMs, aka. Nanotech as not only can the wave form penetrate the skin it can be recieved for wireless power on an antena as small as 10 micrometers. The most prominent names in the BIOMEMs field regarding this tech are Bertrand Bocquet, and Anthony Treizebré. PDF sources will be added in time, the hyperlink is a google search of those names for now.

for military applications and use history see more here:

DOD surface wave, and microwave documents

Full Description of  Sommerfeld-Goubau


regarding facebooks systems. The perimeter is laid out by 4 transmitters, one on each corner, found in Fig 1. I noticed around my city in populated areas there are square transceivers on the streetlights generally mounted 2 per street corner rotated 90 degrees from each other, picture is linked. I felt that these may be used to create the perimeter in Facebooks System.

square transceivers found here:

the device had the words OPENWAY on them. i looked up at description, and it turns out this is an itron product, the same company that produced the smart meters. I believe these devices are used to relay streetlight data, camera footage, powergrid info, etc. however, Taking into account the company itself, as well as the layout of these devices when compared to the layout of the LOS system, i believe it's reasonable infer that they are one in the same.

OpenWay-Itron Page

in addition, i have noticed an excess of cameras on some of these corners, 2 cameras specificallt the 360 degree security type cameras you would see in a store, with the blacked out bowl. i find this interesting because that is an ideal housing as well for the transmitter in facebooks systems depicted here:

i'm currently trying to validate or negate those claims.

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