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Hi! Welcome to Kindergarten! I’m your teacher❤️💙

The Strike!Aug 5, 2020, 12:49:56 AM

I’m so happy you are in my class! 😁

Sorry you can’t see my smile. 😌 Please don’t be frightened, please don’t cry...if I could I would hold your hand & guide you down the hall, but I need to keep my distance. 🥺

Is that your new friend? 😳

Please back away! Don’t get near anyone. We need to be safe!!

No, I’m not on fire. It’s called fog because I’m human and I’m breathing.

What’s the question...Is COVID-19 killing humans? 😰

What did your mom & dad say? 😱

I’m not sure how to answer that. 🤭

Let’s just learn our letter sounds. This is “b”. See my lips, how they tighten and we press together to make that sound?

Oh, that’s right...you can’t see my lips and you can’t hear well because my mouth is covered & you’re too far away and you’re confused & all I want to do is hug you! 😭

You can’t see me because I’m wearing this mask with a shield over my face. Oh, no, honeyy. It’s ok. I’m not scary.

I’m smiling at you underneath all of this. Come hold my hand... ummm...nevermind.

Let me give you a hug...errr...Let’s take a look at all the toys we will play with this year.

Bummer, that’s right. Nevermind. We can’t share toys this year.

But hey, you’re going to meet so many new friends in Kindergarten! You’ll get to play with them and..... Well, not play, play with them. I mean like you’ll be six feet apart and you’ll each play with your own stuff.... That’s fun, right?

Well, anyways, here’s our library. We can’t have books on the shelves. You can’t touch the same books as your classmates because of those silly little germs! Instead, I’ll give you these black and white paper books that I stapled together and put in your very own cardboard box!

You can take it to your seat aaaaalllllllll the way over here. I’ll be aaaalllllll the way over there if you need me.

Ok, now let's see if you can write your name.... ummmm, that’s not how you hold your pencil, here, let me show you. I’ll put my hand over your hand and guide you...oh, I mean, let me just show you how to hold it. Put your pointer finger...no that’s not pointer...oh, shucks.

Nevermind, we'll be using computers most of the time anyway, who needs to learn pencil grip?! Here’s your Chrome Book💻. Isn’t it cool?

No, it's not a touch screen like your mommy's phone or your tablet.... that's a keyboard it has letters on it.

Yes I'm going to teach you how to use it.

No, that's the number 1 not the letter L. I know, they look the same.

But I'm sure you'll be fine working online from home 3 days a week and coming to school 2 days a week, that won't be at all confusing, now will it?

What’s that? You want to learn how to read? We will try the best we can..... Why are you crying?

You’re hot with that mask on? Me too. Do you want a drink of water? No wait, We can’t use that water fountain anymore. You’re tired? I know, me too!

Welcome to Kindergarten in 2020!

Does this scare you? It should!


Original Authors- Millie Litten & Viviana Holguin (Viviana said she is the one in the photos)!

ETA: It seems that this post was not written by just one person so both will be credited! Anything else to do with this post can be added as a comment. This is the last edit I promise lol


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