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Plagiarism in the Russian cinema

The Other Side NewsOct 28, 2018, 11:43:26 AM

Probably it is no secret to anyone that in our country every kind of shameless theft of other people's works is observed everywhere and then used for commercial purposes.

This is evident in all areas of art, in literature, in music, painting or cinematography.

Today we'll talk about plagiarism in the field of commercial cinema.

Consider a few examples of shameless copying of successful posters of Hollywood blockbusters.

"22 minutes" copied from "Iron Man 3"

Film by Alexei Uchitel "Eight" copied from "Drive Angry"

“Battle of Sevastopol” copied from "Pearl Harbor"

"Liteyniy 4" copied from "Sin City"

"Liquidation Decision" copied from "Star Wars - The Last Jedi"

The image of the main character is taken from the cult game "Uncharted - 4".

And voila!