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Just Be Still

The Last CollaboratorSep 22, 2018, 9:49:28 AM

To accept a Truth, we must empty our cup of the myth that covers it. We are remarkably resistant to doing this throughout our life. True learning requires that we unlearn what our cups were previously filled with.

We are rarely willing to do so, rarely able to do so, even in the climbing and searching phases of life. Once we are “hanging on” we are much more incapable of emptying our minds of myth. Once unable to unlearn, we are unable to truly learn.

Our cup becomes so full, not another drop can be squeezed into it.

To the degree we are willing to surrender what we believe to be true… we are able to Know Truth.

We can spend a lifetime filling our minds in search of wisdom and truth, only to find that the highest, purest, cleanest Truth can only be real-ized upon emptying ourselves.

The final teaching is to reject all teachings and stand naked; only then does the Seer merge with the Seen.

Cling to nothing; that which you cling to, binds you. Reject nothing; that which you reject, also binds you. Clinging, rejecting, for and against, all is bondage.

Surrender all of that to stand naked and sovereign. In that nakedness, you will not be left with nothing; in that nakedness, you will discover that you have always possessed the Greatest of Treasures.

This is the promise of all who have went before you; it is this promise that the great religions have been founded upon.

The Founders discovered this by rejecting all teachings; how can you awaken by clinging to theirs?

You can not.

At this level, even the admonition to reject all teachings is just another teaching; so reject even this.

Simply Be Still.

james clark


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