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How to Recognize a Sheeple in Ten Easy Steps

TheGypsyThreadFeb 22, 2019, 6:39:52 PM

The term sheeple can be applied to a person who acts, speaks, and supports a herd mentality, much like sheep do. They blindly follow orders with no critical analysis of the actual orders and make no attempt to understand opposing viewpoints. Although they may seem vocal and active, sheeple are docile, compliant, and easily manipulated. Sheep are slow to learn, demanding, stubborn, and dependent.

Sheeple have traits which are easily identifiable by non-sheeple (people who think and make decisions for themselves based on their own research. Some other related terms are groupthink, cuckolded, herd mentality, zombie, or liberal. Most are easy to spot, but if you find yourself in a situation where you aren’t totally certain, then go through this check-off to help you achieve certainty.

1. Sheeple get their news/marching orders from a limited list of media sources; ironically most of those sources are no longer news outlets, but have morphed into propaganda centers for political parties. This makes them largely uninformed to real news and when presented with real facts, they quickly reject them. They have a never ending and always unfulfilled need to be right on everything and will cite their favorite propaganda source as validation for whatever craziness that is coming out of their mouths. They quickly jump to conclusions, actively engage in witch hunts, assume guilt before innocence, and denounce anyone who tries to educate them.

2. They do what they are told without question. When the Party leadership says to embrace transgenderism, they fully commit; many even go to the extreme lengths of having dangerous and permanently damaging surgery to prove their loyalty to the cause. When the Party calls for the murder of unborn children, they rationalize it by calling the fetus a lump of tissue and elevate Planned Parenthood to a strange almost-Godlike status. Most are the product of public school indoctrination, so it’s difficult to reason with them on anything. If a Party leader calls for violence against any group, they quickly dress up in black clothes, don masks, and rush to the streets. The herd follows orders, plain and simple.

3. Video games, television, social media, and surfing the internet are their life. They’ve bought into the government sponsored battery of distractions that keep them happy and compliant. Sheeple need to be distracted to keep them on the farm. Modern television programming is developed to reinforce the falsehoods created by the media. Characters on most prime-time shows are heavily skewed to LGBT, minority, and special interest groups. Mixed race couples are overly used in advertising as well as singles interacting in group dynamics rather than families. Morality no longer applies to most shows, being replaced by vulgarity and raunchiness; topics which keep sheeple paying attention. Social media even further reinforces the messages put out on television, but adds the dynamic of censorship of opposing voices. Video games are laced with violence which helps to desensitize the sheeple to topics like death, rape, murder, and even infanticide.

4. They hate themselves and spend an inordinate amount of time in a depressive, near-catatonic state. Sheeple are angry but they don’t know why. They complain but never try to do anything about the state of things; they think the Party is going to fix all of their woes and continually accept third-rate representation. Their self-hatred made it easy for their handlers to convince them to turn away from traditional values and morality and embrace debauchery and godlessness. They’ve been bred to accept anything the Party tells them to accept; now many are even denouncing their own race, creed, or origin.

5. The double standard applies across the board. When someone from their side is found guilty of a crime or transgression against society, the handlers quickly create a false narrative and the sheeple push it out nationwide. When the opposition has a similar incident, they attack at lightning speed and are quick to pile on with additional accusations and innuendo, regardless of any facts. This is becoming more and more obvious, especially with so many hoaxes being exposed; the leftists will do anything to take over the entire system, even if it means destroying other’s lives with their outright lies.

6. Divisionary politics are like nectar to them. They feed on it because they were bred to feed upon it. It’s a tool to distract them but they can’t see through it and it allows the Party to continue pushing its agenda without much opposition. They constantly want to tax wealthy people into oblivion, take over entire industries (health care, internet, media, etc.), and keep social groups always fighting with one another.

7. Everything is two-dimensional with a sheeple; they judge everyone as either with them or against them. Even independent people are considered as enemies of the Party, except when it comes to elections. Sheeple lack the ability to reason for themselves and come to their own conclusions. Even though many of them are highly educated, they lack common sense and are directionless without a leader. There are many factions within their farm so they have multiple leaders to worship. The church of Global Warming, the church of Socialism, the church of abortion, and many others have charismatic figureheads who are charged with constantly reinforcing the Party’s doctrines to the masses.

8. Sheeple are unprepared for almost everything. Any small event such as a winter storm or hurricane has them running to the government for help, cleaning the shelves from the local grocery stores, and going into full panic mode. Sheeple were bred to be followers, not planners. They make jokes about preppers, home schoolers, off-the-grid folks, and anyone else who isn’t under the thumb of the government; just the way they were taught to act. They don’t think there is anything wrong with having fluoridated tap water, vaccinations, or any of the other numerous government infringements into our lives. Sheeple parrot whatever the Party tells them to say and does so with a take-no-prisoners approach.

9. When shown history and the facts leading up to why the world is so messed up, they call it conspiracy theory and refuse to believe anything. The public school system is rapidly erasing anything from textbooks that tell the real history of the nation. Anything that can’t be erased is being changed, torn down, or rewritten. Truth is being swept under the rug and the sheeple gladly accept it. When confronted with facts and they are unable to escape, sheeple completely melt down in a loud, theatrical, emotional tirade of vulgarity, threats, and bullying.

10. They don’t believe they are sheeple, but instead think they are “woke” and everyone else is the problem. This is the one thing a sheeple can’t hide from, especially the sheeple in academia. Most professors are simply high-ranking sheeple, who like the aforementioned church leaders are charged with forcing dangerous ideologies into every aspect of their classes. Most have never held a real job but think they are somehow leaders in their respective fields. The fact remains that they are far from being woke but because their handlers told them they are woke, they believe it as law.

Feel free to post any thoughts you may have on this short compilation - even if you disagree with it.  I'm a huge supporter of Free Speech and even if I don't agree with your comments, I'd never think of censoring them.