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Unscrewed Minds: July

TheGarbageManJul 31, 2018, 10:41:06 PM

Unscrewed Minds is my personal monthly series where I dig into the past month on Minds and beyond!

Another month closer to our doom! From Shithole, D.C. to a mysterious force known only as Dalma, July was burning up! As the world turns and burns, two things are constant: The heat and my horrible monthly blog…

The Power of a President 

Our glorious president continues to go on a tear and checks them trips, doling out another hard-hitting month

His recent meeting with Putin might make an astronaut/ cosmonaut allegiance that will finally see the white man fulfill his destiny and sail the stars. 

We got planets to explore and resources to exploit!

Trump also pardoned the two Oregon state ranchers that should never have been put back in jail to begin with. It was back when the fucking Obama-era DOJ was acting like the motherfucking fools they were. Maybe Loretta Lynch will still see her ass in her namesake soon enough.

It was another strong month even from a lame congress that doesn’t seem to be doing much other than screaming about obstructing and impeachment every 60 days. It’s alright, Executive Orders seem to be getting the most done these days anyways.

Turn up the heat and the shit rises to top.

Check 'em.

Space Force

Starshatter was read and reviewed by the literally-literary Garbage Man this month. It’s a good book, check out the review here and then grab your own copy! It’s on sale for a couple more weeks, so if you missed out, now is the time to grab one and get aboard the SS Starshatter!

From there we rocketed into No Man’s Sky, probably the last Gaming Garbage Man outing for a little while. The game is good. Like really good. Check out the latest streams on twitch and the episodic uploads on Dlive! Shilltastic!

Many thanks again to @Aragmar for his patience in dealing with me and allowing me to review his book. A lot of stuff happens behind the scenes, folks! These things don’t just happen, they require coordination and cooperation, neither of which are my strong suits! But with an author like Aragmar, these things become extremely easy and, more importantly, fun to do.

Get your copy today!

Space Odyssey 2018

Dalma's Dispatch

Dalma has come. All give glory and thanks.

Sanctioned by the Curator himself, Dalma spreads the found headlines into the most basic of hells: Minds.com. I’m enjoying the blog format, it makes it easier to read for these weathered, blinky ol’ eyes. Though the Curator may be gone from Minds forever, it’s nice to have his friend here.

But what is Dalma's true purpose?

Hopefully we won’t have to find out.

Dalma is here.

Creepy Man Acts Creepy 

Am I talking about Rosenstein or Strzok? 

Both actually.

Peter Strockilockidoo acted quite the fool in front of a congressional hearing. Makes me wonder how a guy like that is able to walk around freely, while teenagers have to live in fear of what hats they choose to wear. Madness, pure madness.

And Rosenstein was all finger pointy-pointed towards members of congress who then magically get pedophile-sympathizer charges against them. Wow, what a coincidence! 

Thank God we have Jews like Rosenstein protecting our country by indicting Russian citizens, who may or may not exist, for crimes that may or may not have happened and raiding lawyer’s homes because paying freshly-imprisoned porn stars is now a crime or something.

But the inevitable will happen. That’s why it’s called inevitable.

Hopefully it won’t have to get sudden and violent-like, but a change in the unelected bureaucracy is about to come. I mean, I understand; They want to keep their cushy jobs and those lucrative retirement packages. The thing is, that’s our taxpayer money and we really don’t like those fucks to begin with.

So get ready, ya deepstate cock-suckers!

Friends so close, they pick each other's noses.

A few Quickies:

Drakovor’s Overture - I dig some good hard metal/ rock opera, and Drakovor’s  Drakorian overture is an instant classic. Do your ears a favor and give it a listen.

Goytalk.com launched on the 4th of July. Check out Dino Spumoni’s newest venture into a full-fledged website, complete with original articles and Murdoch Murdoch cartoons! Give it some love before the eventual shoah!

No Fap Man recently achieved 100 days of not masturbating. Congrats, we’re all so proud of you.

Gildersleeve wrote a very nice and accurate assessment of everyone’s favorite Garbage Man. Thanks!

Fucking done with you, July.

That’s about all I have to say for July. Well, I could say more if I cared, but I stopped caring a long, long time ago.

How about your July? Did the smoke cool it down or the flames heat it up? Let me know in the comments!

Until August, keep those minds screwed in!