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Fallout 76: A Gaming Garbage Man Review In Progress

TheGarbageManNov 24, 2018, 5:33:27 AM

I fall into a coma and wake up to Fallout 76! What the fuck, how did Bethesda put out 71 sequels in that short of time?

So there’s game right now, it’s getting a bunch of hate and resentment and not much love in this festive holiday season. 

Youtubers, game reviewers and even Kotaku shills are hating Fallout 76 as much as they hated Mass Effect: Andromeda. It makes Santa cry.

But me, your gaming Garbage Man? I fucking love this game.

You’re all like, “Well whatever Garbage Man, you thought that No Man’s Sky was a great game, so your opinion is worth less than Jim Sterling's."

Well listen here, you indignant fuck, this game was not made for you. 

Clear and simple, this game is not for most.

Sean is a little jealous

And that’s fine by me. I’ve had a blast, sans server and graphic issues. But to me, those add to the experience. Nothing makes you appreciate a game like the ability to play it after servers being down.

It throws me back to the old WoW days, when a server hiccup could mean the game being down for a half-day or more. Sure, we bitched and complained, but in the end, we savored those moments of finally logging on.

The game plays just like the Fallout we’ve come to know and love, and the addition of other players creates a dynamic and ever-interesting world.

The big complaint about the lack of NPC’s are hardly felt when playing with friends.

Like everyone else, I was skeptical of this game. I even waited a few day after release before purchasing it. A friend wanted me to play, and peer pressure is a bitch.

I don’t regret it. Yet.

I’ve only got about 30 hours into this damn thing and I don’t feel any need to slow down or lose interest.

From looting, base building, gearing, and even the hard as fuck elites, this game is entrenched into what has made a Bethesda Fallout game. And that was exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to explore. I wanted to make progress in a way that felt as though I was building something. And that's what I feel like in Fallout 76, building and exploring a world that is interesting and immersive but also growing with me as a player.


This game was a needed reprieve from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a game that will also have to wait for its own review, being different from its release and making me not want to fully review COD: BO4 until all the kinks are worked out. And I will do the same with this game, I just wanted to provide a contrast to all the hate slung in this game’s direction.

It’s fun, I love it, but I agree that it is not perfect, nor meant for most game players. They might like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Battlefield V, but that’s their decision.

If I was to rate Fallout 76 right now, it would get a solid 4 out of 5.

I’m enjoying my time in West Virginia, and while I do have complaints and issues with the game and design, it hasn't stopped me from playing.

I’ll go over the problems in greater detail during my full review, of which I’m not giving a fucking time frame on. It’ll be out when it’s out. But this game has gotten so much hate I felt that it should be said that at least one gamer loves what Bethesda has done in their first online game. 

Elder Scrolls Online didn’t count.

If you want to see the action or tell me how wrong I am, I’m streaming the game, in its entirety, on twitch.tv/thegarbagemangames. Check it out, see the fun and mayhem, then make your own decision on Fallout 76.

This was the gaming Garbage Man. Until the next game, get prepped or get wrecked!