Hello lovely internet strangers! I’m a former intersectional feminist and social justice leftist. Currently I’m best described as a libertarian, free speech absolutist, and personal responsibility advocate. For those obsessed with identity labels, I’m bisexual, Latina, poly...yeah, I’m not your typical anti-feminist. In my videos, I critique feminism and the modern left, review feminist books, and give non-feminist perspective on media. I also share interesting experiences from my ongoing intellectual journey. I’m quite a reasonable human, and welcome constructive criticism and civil disagreement.
location_onNew York
A brief overview of how I left feminism and why I now call myself an anti-feminist: #antifeminism #nonfeminist #antifeminist #feminism
I respond to a Quillette article about feminists becoming too agreeable, using Mean Girls and the "queen bee" concept to discuss the feminist wars and female competition: #feminism #feminists #meangirls #evolutionarybiology
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