Native American/Norwegian Cyber Punk Entrepreneur , Crypto Trader, HODLr & Ethereum Miner, dTube content creator @channeljaytv , super dimensional athlete , climber outdoorsy also known to be a luscious lush. Legit 80's kid. Current Show is called The Crypto Coyote showing on Minds & DTube . "I fight for the user." Tron .
THE CRYPTO COYOTE S01E01 - THE INTRODUCTION. A SUPER DIMENSIONAL VARIETY SHOW My First episode of The Crypto Coyote, it's the beginning of a Super Dimensional Variety show that focus on Crypto & we love montage videos so we have them , We focus on a little bit of introduction but you will learn more about me as I keep pumping out videos, We also go and visit the newly constructed Gage Park Green House & also talk #bitcoin with Eric the Coke man, he's one of our Crypto Traders. #crypto #video #minds #blockchain . Upvote, remind & comment The CHANNELJAY.TV Networks. Episode 1 of The Crypto Coyote on Minds & Dtube YOUTUBE DTUBE!/c/channeljaytv STEEMIT @channeljaytv Minds @thecryptocpypte Twitter @TheCryptoCoyote Discord @The_Crypto_Coyote Donations go to startup for A Mining Farm on my Indian reserve Help me decentralize the Rez! BitCoin (BTC) 1P2upxSKUv6BSd194dHNkRYChnpd13QPUx Ethereum (ETH) 0x80975F632B49782530Cc976f456F433D55a80b79 Binance (BNB) 0x80975F632B49782530Cc976f456F433D55a80b79 Binance referral link CoinBerry referral link Brave Referral Amazon Wish list.
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New Episode The Crypto Miners Difficulty Log. #Crypto #ethereum #Mining #Bitcoin
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