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When Winds Whip Up the Sea

TerrillWelchFeb 10, 2019, 4:57:31 PM

On Mayne Island, next to the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia, Canada, the seas are much calmer and protected than the “real west coast” of Vancouver Island at Tofino or in say the coast of Portland Oregon. But, every once in a while, high winds come tearing down the province out of the north and send a whipping chill across these tufts of land sticking out of the sea. After a night of having the power knocked out four times and still out for most of the day yesterday, things started to let up and I grabbed my camera and headed for the shore and it’s dramatic light as the storm broke. 

It is amazing to witness this coming together of sky, sea and sandstone during times like this.

I am mesmerized by the changing view as the wave fold up and over the reef.

Mount Baker and the ridge of mountains to the southeast seem to be caught in a dream.

The belly-drop sea level angle at Reef Bay (made easy by a low tide) is especially magnificent. 

And for a magical finish, let’s slip over to Oyster Bay...

If this view seems a little family that is because it is. The time of day was early morning rather than late afternoon but I have painted a similar view. 

Northeasterly Morning Strait of Georgia Mayne Island BC by Terrill Welch. Oil On Canvas 20 x 40 inches.

So it goes on a morning that dawned today with -6 Celsius (or 21 degrees Fahrenheit) which is not cold really for most of Canada during the winter but unseasonally chilly and holding for the Southern Gulf Islands. Now for a second cup of coffee on this quiet, if not warm, Sunday morning.

All the best and I hoped you enjoy our adventure. 

Terrill :)