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Vaccines - Public Health or Human Rights Violations?

TechnoMageB5May 23, 2019, 4:00:41 PM

@jcity recommended I put some recent comments up in a separate post, so I did. I would appreciate my subscribers review and comment, particularly @LaurenceBacchus – thanks!

The following is a culmination of 20 years of observation, research, pain, survival and just trying to sort out what works from what doesn’t. It started with an interest in natural health (as so many of my older family following modern Western medicine seemed to be on a steady decline, suffering along the way) and became a desperate search for answers after my autistic son was born.

Why desperate?

By age 2 we put hooks on the doors to keep him from opening the door and running out into the street (we live on the corner, so our side street is right by a busy highway). By age 3 I put screws into the wood behind the window locks to prevent him from unlocking the window, opening it, and trying to crawl through (and falling to his death on the sidewalk below). By age 4 we hid all the silverware because he insisted on taking out a knife and trying to insert it into an electric socket in the wall. No amount of explaining or punishment deterred this kid (and I beat his butt blue that day, to no avail – that was the point I realized what my wife had been telling me, that something was wrong here, was true) – tunnel vision like that is a manifestation of autism.

My comments below follow a post @jcity made here https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/978178865342443520

Which references this article: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/05/vaccine-safety-program/589354/?utm_source=pocket-newtab

My comments follow (slightly edited from the original):

Title of the article should read how it doesn't work - special court protects drug companies from liability to the public. So what do we have here?

1. Drug companies are effectively shielded from tort laws, the one (civilized) method the public has to hold them accountable.

2. Drug companies are given almost guaranteed business through government programs that threaten to take your child away if you don't vaccinate, unless you submit specific paperwork (requirements vary by state).

2a. Now legislation is being considered to revoke what little options you have to opt out of vaccines.

3. No one talks about how sanitation standards went into effect at the same time vaccines started hitting the market. Remember, you can't get the disease if you're never exposed to it in the first place.

4. The leaflets included in each vaccine shipment are promptly discarded, instead of shared with the recipients of the vaccines, thus denying the public at large an accounting of the contents of the vaccine and the risks involved (i.e. no informed consent).

4a. Fun experiment: next time you go in to get your flu shot at Walgreens, ask for that leaflet. They will play dumb. Insist. If they don't have it, tell them you'll come back to get the shot when the next box comes in and they save it to show it to you. They just might, to get your business. Side note: don't be shocked if Thimerosal (the mercury preservative compound they allegedly removed years ago due to controversy) is listed as present. Some boxes have them, some don't.

The question is, WHY?

Yes, I've been to many an annual autism conference because I have an autistic child. It's amazing what you learn in those events. As of this writing, my wife is attending one in Rosemont being held through Memorial Day weekend near Chicago.

Out of everything I have learned, this is a very key point I picked up: that the researcher who originally came up with the vaccine did not use any toxic “preservatives” (mercury, aluminum, fetal tissue, etc.) and they did work. The drug companies took his work, shooed him away, and started altering it by adding toxins. (WHY they did this is a whole separate publication I am not prepared to write, as I don’t know all the facts, just some indicators.) As applied to my son in particular, I learned:

1. Mercury, in ANY form, is toxic to the human body.

2. Mercury's damaging effects are CUMULATIVE. It destroys nerve cells in seconds, and if they recover at all, it takes months to years. Sometimes the deadly effects of mercury are DELAYED. To get an idea how bad mercury is via an example, have a read here: 


(In short, 3 months after exposure to 2 drops, not directly but through protective latex gloves, symptoms surfaced, and she was dead within a year).

3. Vaccines are not the only source of mercury poisoning. It's in the air we breathe (are you near a coal plant? You're breathing more than trace amounts of mercury.) It's in the food we eat (particularly some fish). In the old days, it was in the fillings in your teeth. Those are just a few examples.

So, with mercury exposure/damage being cumulative, imagine what happens if a vaccine dose puts you - or your kid - over the line.

Both my sons got their vaccines when they were very young. Why is the older one autistic and the younger one not? My wife had mercury fillings in her teeth removed and replaced between pregnancies. By the time the older one was 5, he was detoxed, diet changed, and some normalcy recovered (i.e. we got a result). That's the point we stopped having them get their vaccines.

If only I could go back in time 20 years ago to warn us both, we'd probably have 2 normal children - even despite the vaccines - because the immediate corrective action would have been to remove the fillings and putting her through a detox program before trying to conceive. Even so, we'd probably avoid vaccines, knowing what we know today. Chris Kirckof said: “If vaccines are so great why can you easily find thousands of parents who regret vaccinating but you can’t find a single parent who regrets NOT vaccinating? You don’t need science you need common sense…”

It's one thing when the government says "you CAN’T put this in your body (like marijuana)". Ok, as long as it's not something vital to life, like water, we can deal with that. But forcing you to accept something into your body that is not natural (whether it be vaccines or anything else), i.e. you MUST put this in your body**, is a violation of your human rights and must be opposed, especially if they say it's for "the greater good" or some similar language.

There was a meme I saw recently, wish I saved it, about how the people seeking power claim to do it in the name of equality, humanity, for the “greater good” – and we’ve seen the results: Fascist and Communist dictators killing millions of their own people. Defend your rights, while you still have them as a leg to stand on.

**We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.